That Time I Decided To Start a Travel Blog!

Another travel blog?! Does the world really need one? Probably not…

But having just returned (for now) from 3 months sampling the best of South East Asia and a further month enjoying the spectacle of the Med in mid summer, I decided to turn to the keyboard as therapy for my post travel blues…

Because this isn’t cliché at all…

I’m Carl. Graphic Designer, wannabe Photographer, and – most importantly to this blog – Travel Lover! I’m in my 20s and from the not-so-sunny South West of England. Whilst I’ve been plodding along trying to establish myself as a designer, I kept taking the chance to dash over to mainland Europe – and particularly Spain – for a short break whenever I got the chance to.

These trips were initially just the standard city breaks with friends. A couple of birthdays and the other usual reasons. However I always seemed to enjoy the moments when it was just me exploring with my camera. Then in 2010, with a couple of weeks free, I made the spontaneous decision to head to Barcelona alone for a week. And my love of travel – and particularly BCN – was born…

Since then I’ve been working in various places as a Graphic Designer, but the desire to travel properly kept eating away at me. A week and a half sampling Europe’s craziest and most flammable fiesta, Las Fallas, only fanned the flames temporarily. Finally in 2012, with my lovely lady in tow, we decided to take the risk of throwing our jobs away and head across the other side of the world and sample the East.

Three months there wasn’t enough though, and we tacked on another month in Europe after, to finally sample a glorious Mediterranean summer. Especially needed after 5 years of perpetually wet ones in the UK…

Ahh, so that’s a summer…

And now it’s back to England. And with my horizons blown wide open. There’s a lot more world to see, and I can’t wait to see it. For now though, it’s time to share some of those great stories and pictures from my travels so far! And maybe have stories from fellow contributors too, because after all, everyone’s got a travel tale. Or 5. Or 10.



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