That Time We Found The Best Beach In Bali!

I’m a water baby. Always have been.

And living by the beach in North Devon has been a big part of that. Having Croyde, Saunton and Putsborough just down the road has meant we’ve always had an ocean escape close by, although the abysmal summers of the past six years in England have meant I haven’t made use of it anywhere near as much I would have liked. So the sand and sea were always going to be among the main attractions during our visits to Thailand and Bali whilst in Asia this summer.

Me and Chelcie had already hit up the Thai islands and Phuket, and after a land locked stint in Malaysia and Singapore were looking forward to getting back to the ocean once we hit Bali. Despite making the most of Kuta’s long length of sand, the general atmosphere full of Australian package holidayers and beach hawkers wasn’t to our liking, and we were soon heading off around the island to Uluwatu, Sanur, Legian and Ubud.

Surprisingly serene on Kuta Beach

Following four awesomely relaxing days in Ubud – whichI’ll cover in the future – we headed to the port village of Padang Bai for a weekend jaunt before we took the ferry to Lombok. We were massively looking forward to beach time again after a rainy few days up in the hills and plains of Ubud, and thankfully the weather brightened up right on cue. Our accommodation at the Zen Inn – which by the way, is well worth a visit for their hearty home cooked meals – was located pretty much right next to the port, so our first thought was to check out the main beach right there, but then a member of staff told us about the “white sand beach” up the hill…

Bienvenido a Bias Tegul!

As anyone who’s been there will know, it’s a little bit of an adventure to reach this secluded treasure. We started heading up the hill opposite us, and then took a left and headed up a rough construction road, frequently by some friendly cows! At the top of this hill you’re rewarded with a pretty lush view of the village and the surrounding hills.

The green green hills of Eastern Bali…

Clambering back down the winding path on the opposite side of the hill, a blanket of palm treescame into view, with a promising looking beach front poking through the gaps. The further away we moved from the hillside construction site and the closer we got to the assorted beachfront warungs and lapping waves, the more my excitement built. As we reached the beachfront of Bias Tegul itself, I was stoked to see it was a proper “white” sand beach, in the class of Ko Phi Phi without a doubt, and a massive improvement on the black sand beaches of nearby Candidasa. We had most definitely made the right choice in picking Padang Bai…

It wasn’t just the picture perfection of the beach that made it an immense discovery however, but the awesome sharp waves breaking right by the shore. I spent about five minutes sunbathing before I flung myself head first into the water, and spent hours bodysurfing the strong currents and being flung around like I was in a washing machine. Whilst it’s possibly not the safest currents for smaller children, I was in my element and loving life floating around in that sea.

Bali’s best!

We wiled away our Saturday afternoon and pretty much all of the next day on this beauty of a beach. With just a few beachside warungs it was practically free from hawkers (and the couple that were wandering about were really surprisingly friendly), and to my eyes there was none of the Aussie package-holiday crowd around, just a small group of other inquisitive travellers. I could have happily stayed here and played on this beach for days on end, and it was easily the best beach we discovered in all of Bali, if not Asia!

What’s the best beach you’ve been to on your travels? And have you checked out Bias Tegul beach yourself?

3 responses to “That Time We Found The Best Beach In Bali!

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  2. I have been to Ubud, yet missed out Bias Tegul, sigh. The place looks just gorgeous! Probably, the best beach I’ve been to was at Kadidiri islet, Togean Archipelago, Indonesia 🙂

    • Ah that’s a shame. Bit of a pain to get to admittedly if you’re not heading to that side of the island though. I’ll have to look up that beach 🙂

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