Accom Review: Home Backpackers Hostel, Valencia

During my time in Valencia for Las Fallas in 2011 I nestled down in Home Backpackers Hostel, tucked just off Placa Tossal in the old Barrio del Carmen.

Image Credit: Home Hostels Valencia

I was initially supposed to make it here as far back as in 2008, but after we decided not to head as far as South as Valencia on our ill-fated road trip, it took me another couple of years to make it to Spain’s third city.

Arriving after a long long day of travel by car, plane and train from the South West of England to South Eastern Spain, I was hoping that my hostel choice was going to be a good one, and thankfully it delivered in all areas.

Although I had no problem conversing in Spanish, all of the reception staff spoke great English and were extremely friendly. They also explained clearly how to use your keycard for getting into the hostel and into your rooms.

My room itself – I stayed in a 6 bed dorm – was extremely spacious, and thanks to some nice bright paintwork, didn’t have that “prison cell” feel that you can get in some less welcoming hostel rooms. The beds were pretty comfortable, which was a particular help as I had 6 days of being on the top bunk ahead. Also the lockers were large, perfect for my packed 40L backpack. Just remember to bring your own padlock for these! Wi-fi was also excellent (and free!) on my floor, which is always good to have these days.

A couple of floors up was the excellent kitchen area, which was sandwiched in between a small lounge (with satellite TV, if for some reason you’d rather watch TV than explore Valencia…) and some extra seating. The kitchen featured a couple of massive fridges – ideal during the busy festival that I was visiting in – and a large central worktop, meaning there was room for several people to be cooking, preparing or washing up at once. It was a really well thought-out area, complete with all the utensils and cutlery you could wish for. Just don’t expect it to ever be that quiet, what with dorms just the other side of the wall.

Elsewhere in the hostel the bathrooms that I used were all pretty decent, although the sink area could get pretty crowded on my floor. But all of the showers I used were excellent and seriously spacious. There was also a computer room downstairs that doubled as a fairly cosy lounge, which was ideal for chilling out away from the bustling kitchen.

Overall Home Backpackers Hostel was one of the best hostels I’ve been lucky enough to stay in thus far. I don’t really have any criticisms to make of it at all, although I couldn’t judge the large dorms of course. But in my view if you’re looking for an ideally located hostel in Valencia, you can’t go far wrong by going Home!

Oh yeah! Don’t forget the rooftop terrace garden too! I only got reminded about it on my penultimate night! D’oh…


Bedrooms: 5/5
Bathrooms: 3/5
Kitchen: 5/5
Facilities: 5/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Location: 5/5

Home Backpackers Hostel: Plaza Vicente Iborra s/n, 46003, Valencia, Spain


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