Accom Review: Beary Nice! – Singapore

When scouring the net for places to stay in Singapore, there was one selection of hostels that particularly caught my eye…

Image Credit: A Beary Good Hostel

Image Credit: A Beary Good Hostel

And I promise the cosy atmosphere provided by being bedecked in loads of toy bears had nothing to do with it!

Beary Nice! is the middle child between its sister hostels, the eldest A Beary Good Hostel, and the youngest Beary Best, all located in Singapore’s Chinatown. Which was exactly where I wanted to be.

And thankfully when it came to booking, I found an offer that meant we were able to grab a bed each for just $20 SD each a night – roughly coming to £10 per night, a pretty amazing price for Singapore.

So it was win-win already when it came to location and price. And thankfully the hostel didn’t let us down on arrival either.

Easily found, due to it being on the same street as Chinatown’s famous (evening) food street, it’s only a short long elevator ride up to the 3rd floor on which the hostel resides. Don’t worry, they recognise themselves that it’s a slowwwwww elevator, as you’ll see from the note inside.

After you’ve left your shoes by the elevator (keeping it beary clean inside), you’ll be welcomed into the compact and cosy hostel. Whilst small – with reception, lounge and kitchen (no cooking facilities though) all in the same room – it always had a homely feel which made it easy to chill out in. The uber comfortable sofa in the lounge, plus large TV with Wii made it even easier to relax there! The couple of netbooks available situated there worked well, and if these weren’t available the free wifi was ace. And even if you couldn’t nab the sofa, there always seemed to be stools spare elsewhere.

When it came to sleep we stayed in the 10 bed blue room dorm. Perfectly clean with excellently sized lockers, these dorms had one massive bonus that elevated them above all the others we stayed in in Asia – quilts!

Yep, you’ll get a properly comfortable quilt on your dorm bed in Beary Nice, and this was such a welcome discovery after a couple of months with thin blankets and sheets elsewhere in Asia. And you will need it due to the “effective” air-con in the room, but regardless they were amongst the comfiest quilts I’ve ever used.

Morning time will see you get a fairly standard hostel breakfast, with cereals, toasts and spreads available. Nothing mindblowing, but all you could need to fill your stomach before another day of sightseeing and shopping in Singapore.

As for bathrooms, these are also pretty compact, featuring one toilet and a couple of showers (there are apparently extra toilets upstairs in the building). These were always super spotless, but it can get pretty damn warm in there. Whilst extra toilets wouldn’t go amiss, you have to remember the building is in an old Chinese shophouse, and space is unfortunately at a premium.

Oh and make sure you talk to the staff if there’s any Singapore attractions you fancy seeing – they can get money off tickets for a number of sights. We took advantage of this to get reduced Singapore Flyer tickets!

The only downside to the homely feel at the hostel is that at one point we actually felt like we were intruding in a family’s home, due to the large family group of 8 or so Thais that were staying at the same time as us. This meant they pretty much owned the lounge each night, but that’s not the hostel’s fault of course, and they were super nice people.

Overall though I enjoyed my time at Beary Nice hugely! It’s one of the cosiest and most comfortable hostels I’ve been lucky enough to stay in, which is exactly what you want after a day in the heat and humidity of Singapore. With super cosy dorms (remember – quilts!), all the amenities you need when it comes to the lounge and kitchen, and spotless facilities at superb prices you can’t ask for much more in the heart of Singapore. Being located minutes from Chinatown’s MTR station and with Smith Street’s various food stalls on your doorstep, I can’t see any reasons to pick anywhere else in the Lion City really.

And I promise it had nothing to do with the funny bears dotted all over the place! Honestly…


Bedrooms: 5/5
Bathrooms: 3/5
Kitchen: 4/5
Facilities: 5/5
Cleanliness: 5/5
Location: 5/5

Beary Nice! By a Beary Good Hostel: 46B Smith Street, Singapore, 058956


4 responses to “Accom Review: Beary Nice! – Singapore

    • Hey guys! Had an amazing time in Singapore thanks 🙂 Missing it big time. Nowhere near ready for Japan yet though haha, thankfully got 2 months yet to prepare!

      Thanks for sharing this review, it’s hugely appreciated!

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