That Time I Booked a Flight to Japan

That’s right! My first trip of 2013 is confirmed, and it’s a big one!

Of course, I all but gave it away at the end of my 2012 round up! But yes, less than 8 months after returning from Asia, I’ll be heading back East to hit up the country that’s been on my list for longer than any other – Japan!

I GO TOKYO! (Image Credit: Students - CIS)

I GO TOKYO! (Image Credit: Students – CIS)

Sadly I’ll only have a week to explore the “land of the rising sun” due to work commitments, but I imagine it’s going to be a pretty damn packed week. I’ll be flying into the mental metropolis that is Tokyo and attempting to explore and photograph every hidden corner of the city I can, whilst no doubt embarrassing myself with my complete inability to understand anything I read or hear. Several uniquely Japanese gifts will also be getting purchased, both for friends/family back home, and for my own amusement no doubt!

I’m also massively excited about feasting on Japanese food, mostly as there’s so many things I need to try. But if all else fails, bring on the yakitori skewers! But I will do my best to try plenty of dishes and not just live on these, I promise…

I drooled... (Image Credit: All About Japanese Menu)

I drooled… (Image Credit: All About Japanese Menu)

I’ll also be getting out of the city and hoping for clear weather as I make the trip to Mount Fuji. With the cloud cover being notoriously unpredictable I have no idea yet what I’m going to be able to see and snap, nor how far up the mount I’ll be able to go. But here’s hoping for some sweet spring-time weather for my visit.

Please let it be a clear day when I visit... (Image Credit:

Please let it be a clear day when I visit… (Image Credit: Students – CIS)

Talking of spring-time, that brings me to the main reason for my visit – Cherry Blossom season!

I’ve timed my visit to (hopefully) coincide with Hanami in Tokyo, so with luck I should be around during the two week window that will see the blossoms make their short annual appearance. From both a photography viewpoint and a cultural one, here’s hoping I’ve got my dates right!

But as far as having an actual plan goes… Well it’s safe to say I’m not that organised yet! I literally have my flights booked, and that’s it so far. So I’ve got a fair bit of organising to do before I head to Heathrow!

And when am I heading to Heathrow? Sunday 24th March! Thankfully I’ve landed a sweet deal with STA Travel and have got direct flights, so flying time will be kept to the minimum possible, giving me pretty much spot on one week before I’m sadly heading home on Easter Monday via Narita airport.

So it’s safe to say I’m one excited boy, and I’m already counting down the days until my most far-out trip yet! I’ll leave you with this image of how happy I was upon booking flights…

THIS HAPPY!!! (Image Credit: PikaTheKing - DeviantArt)

THIS HAPPY!!! (Image Credit: PikaTheKing – DeviantArt)


Have you been to Japan before? Any tips or advice for me before I head East?


18 responses to “That Time I Booked a Flight to Japan

  1. That is a great image of how happy you are 🙂 I’ve never been to Japan and look forward to hearing about your adventures. Seeing the blossoms sounds like a cool thing to plan for.

    • Yeah here’s just hoping that I’ve timed it right haha! I was originally going to go on the day that I’m now returning, but it was much cheaper this way!

      Either way though it’s gonna be a hell of an experience for sure! I really can’t wait!

      Oh and yeah I had to squeeze a Pikachu into this post somewhere haha! 😀

  2. That sounds incredible. Japan has also been on my bucket list for a while. Looking forward to reading your blog posts when you get back!

    • Thanks Sophie! That’s awesome, I hope you make it there soon too! Hopefully I’ll have some entertaining stories and pictures to share when I return! Now I just want March to hurry up! 🙂

  3. Awesome Carl! I’ve never been to Japan before, looking forward to your updates. And hope you get to see the lovely cherry blossoms, they look gorgeous!

    • Thanks Aggy! It’s gonna be a hectic week, but I’m very excited! Hopefully I’ll get lucky with everything I want to see 🙂

  4. YAY! Very happy for you! You know, I’ve been living a mere 2 hour flight from Japan for the past 3.5 years now, but have yet to make it over there. No time this year (is it weird to say that in January?! lol!) so it shall have to wait until 2014.

    Also, loving the Pikachu photo. Try and hit up a Maid Cafe if you can (Google it!) and stock up on Pokemon and Miyazaki merchandise, and maybe kidnap a super-stylin’ resident of Harajuku.

    • Thanks dude 🙂 Can’t believe you haven’t been able to make the hop over though! I’d have been straight on that when I got the chance. Hope you do manage to make it next year though.

      I’ll definitely be stocking up on Pokemon stuff, after all I can’t think of a more Japanese novelty souvenir for people really haha! 😀

      Oh and I just looked up Maid Cafes… Ooh er! I think I’ll feel like a right awkward perv, but for the sake of an interesting story I’ll try and find one haha!

      Thanks for stopping by the site too!

  5. Ooh Japan sounds amazing! Have a great trip, I can’t wait to read about it. I wouldn’t stress too much about organizing – the best trips are spontaneous, right? 🙂

    • Thanks Jessica! As I’m temporarily back on my lonesome for this one I imagine I’m gonna end up embarrassing myself plenty, but I’m very excited.

      Yeah I’m not sure how much I’m gonna plan tbh… I might just book the first few nights accommodation and see what takes my fancy after, but at the same time I’ve gotta try and make the best of my time as I’ll only have a week. It’s a tricky one! I’d defo agree that the best trips are indeed spontaneous though 🙂

  6. So jealous! I’ve never been to Japan, but dreaming of going there. That’s gonna be an epic trip! Have fun mate and great interview with Totally Sam’s World.

    • Thanks for stopping by Aggy! Your comment nearly got stuck in with the spam, stupid WordPress haha!

      Yeah I can’t wait to get over there! I’m counting the days already! 🙂

      Really glad you enjoyed the interview too! Good to know I can be entertaining once in a while haha! 🙂

  7. Japan is phenomenal, even if only for a week. Watch out for the jetlag though – unless you can sleep on flights (and if you can, DAMN YOU! Hahah) it’s a killer!

    A great place for hanami viewing (but also very popular) is Ueno Park. Try to go on a weekday in the morning when it’ll only be moderately crowded if you do manage to catch hanami season.

    Mt. Fuji is officially closed at that time of year, but that isn’t to say that you aren’t allowed to climb it – just that it’s more dangerous to do so, and there are fewer amenities available for anyone who tries. Do your research and make sure you take good boots, multiple insulating layers, and walking sticks.

    Meiji Shrine is a must, and if you can visit Harajuku (the Shrine is right next to it) on a Sunday lunchtime you’ll catch all the kids out cosplaying on the bridge in front of it. Just up the road from the bridge, on Omotesandō, is KiddyLand, the best toyshop in Tokyo. Near it is Oriental Bazaar which is surprisingly acceptable for some souvenirs – there’s obviously some appalling tat in there, but also some pretty good items at reasonable prices.

    Asakusa is also great, with Sensoji but also Nakamise-dori, where you can pick up a lot of great souvenirs. They can be a bit pricey here, though, so shop around.

    Consider also the Sumida River Cruise from Tokyo Water Bus. You can pick it up at Asakusa and travel all the way down to Odaiba Decks on an awesome transparent-canopied ship which keeps you nice and warm without interrupting your view. Timetables and prices are here

    Have an awesome time!

    • Wow! Now that’s what I call a comment haha! 🙂

      Thanks so much for all that Troo! A lot of stuff to get my teeth into there – and have no doubt that I’ll be referring to your advice when I’m over there and pondering my next sight!

      I must say that KiddyLand also sounds like a lot of fun! Souvenirs ahoy haha!

      I’m gonna try and sleep on the way there, but I’m not sure I’ll manage it on the plane… Let’s hope it’s not too much of a problem ha!

      Oh man I’m even more excited now after your comment! Cannot wait!

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