That Time I Did a Full Moon Party… Sober?!?

What the heck?! What boring kind of guy are you?!?

And why would you even write an article thinking that’s gonna be an interesting read?

I can completely understand why you would think that too. After all it’s a Full Moon Party, you should expect tales of bucket doused Thai beach carnage.

And don’t worry, that’s what you’ll get! Just from an observer’s view…


Just setting the scene like!

See I was actually on the drink before we got to Haad Rin, thinking that downing several daiquiris and sharing a bucket with a group of Irish girls on the bus was what I’d need to enjoy what was surely going to be one of the rainiest Full Moon Parties ever. However upon arriving it was clear that the carnage was still going to go down on the heaving but sodden sands. This was one party that the rain wasn’t gonna wash out, and that there was sure to be some entertaining scenes that night.

And as we walked along the partially flooded main road that runs parallel to the beach I decided I didn’t fancy ending up like some of the states we were seeing so early in the night – that wouldn’t be too fair on my non-drinking girlfriend after all – and that we would enjoy the show being put on by the thousands that were already trashed. Hey, I’m not a massive drinker myself, and I fancied keeping my wits around me in an epically large crowd like this. Below is what I imagine this street looked like to most of the people stumbling down it…

Instagram call this the "drunk filter"

Instagram call this the “drunk filter”

Even so we decided to get into the swing of things with a boogie on the beach, even if all we could hear was bass rather than any actually music! It didn’t take long at all before we got a first passer by asking “have you got any pills?”. Er, no! My pac-a-mac (no shame!) clearly a sign that my pockets were full of goods. Naturally…

Making our first lap it was worrying/amusing to see so many people already going for a dip in the waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Whilst hugely tempting, I quickly remembered that bathing in urine wasn’t something I had ever really enjoyed that much… Wait, what?! But there were far too many people who seemed to be enjoying a splash around in the sea. Well I guess it would have been nice and warm…

Also properly amusing were the people taking turns to climb up on the “Tommy Rescue” sign and scaffolding and show off their best pole-dancing moves. Particularly amusing as most of them were men… I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself and think that my friend Benham would have been right at home, especially after that time he told a paid dancer to move aside!

Clearly my photo doesn't do their moves justice...

Clearly my photo doesn’t do their moves justice…

We took a break from exploring the carnage on the beach and headed up to a bar on the corner of the main street for a sit-down, drink and a much-needed mellower moment. Although there was a fair few drunken people sitting down to recover, the couple just a few seats along started to particularly catch our eye…

This couple had clearly started on the drink quite early that day and were pretty damn sodden from a fair few hours on the beach already. But the female – who we named Amy due to her resemblance to a friend of Chelcie’s – was rather more alive than her boyfriend:




But Harry really didn’t want to move. And really didn’t seem capable of moving. Amy was not happy.

So she began hitting him. And not hitting him gently at all. Firstly with her hands, and then with a full water bottle! It was pretty vicious!


Unfortunately for her Harry was already suffering with the world’s heaviest head, and somehow I doubt she was helping that! With the rest of the bar descending into silence at quite how severely she was hitting him, the staff soon came over and told her to calm it down or leave. Amy then began attempting to drag Harry out. Although he finally stumbled to his feet – yet to say a word of course – he only succeeded in making it to the next chair. Amy was not happy…


But instead Harry just attempted to remove his rain mac. He clearly couldn’t remember how to do this though, so ended up just ripping it off. With all the grace of a grizzly trucker trying to ballet dance…

Finally Amy managed to somehow get him out of the cafe. Via him leaning against a pillar for a while of course. Thankfully for his sake they were apparently headed back to their accommodation. And the rest of the bar could breathe again.

Now that we had picked our jaws up off the floor we strolled back to the beach where the fire dancers were in full swing. Despite the presence of some people trying to get a bit too close and involved, we were pretty entertained by these crazy – but talented – guys. One cheeky chappy was particularly impressive – and far too relaxed – and we stayed watching him for a fair while.

Wow! Flaming uppercut! It's like Street Fighter!

Just like Street Fighter!

Even more impressive though was the small dude that took over after a while. And when I say small, I’m talking around 9/10 years old! And this little guy was loaded with as many skills as the other more “senior pros”. I guess they have a different definition of key skills in Thailand…

Shouldn't he bed in bed by now?

Shouldn’t he bed in bed by now?

By now it was well into the early hours of the morning and our race was run. One final wander followed, with the obligatory Nutella pancake scoffed down of course! It had been an entertaining evening that was for sure, and a long lie-in would be needed the following morning.

It took me a while to work out what I think of the full moon party. I was definitely glad we went as it was an… Interesting experience. But overall I’m not sure it was really my scene. It seemed to me that the exotic setting far from home is used by the majority of people as an excuse to take every single action to excess, and as such it’s kinda like all of the worst things you’ll see on a night out, but magnified to even greater extremes. I think once was enough for me.

And I certainly don’t regret staying sober either that’s for sure!

Oh! There was one last amusing and unexpected sight as we strolled up the beach to meet our ride. In fact unexpected might be a bit of an understatement considering we thought he may actually be dead! Yes, we saw…



Harry and Amy! What a relief!

Have you been to a Full Moon Party? What was your experience like?


2 responses to “That Time I Did a Full Moon Party… Sober?!?

  1. I did the Full Moon Party about 10 years ago (a bit less sober than you!) and it looks like its got even bigger and madder now. Remember watching a beautiful sunrise on another of the beaches though (after my friend got her purse and our room key stolen so we couldn’t get back in!).

    • Yeah I naively thought it might be a little quieter due to the awful rain – No chance! The beach was packed as far as the eye could see!

      Sorry to hear that though! Hope it didn’t completely ruin your experience of it!

      Thanks for stopping by too! 🙂

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