That Time I Said “I’m Still Here!”

It’s not a new post really…

Hi again!

Just to remind you how cool your host is! He’s on the left…

But I just wanted to say I’m still here! Even if the blog has unfortunately been neglected a bit the last few weeks.

Since the last post that’s been down to me not feeling particularly great, and I haven’t had any energy left after work to concentrate on this.

I’ll be making up for it soon though! I was recently very kindly given a nomination for the Liebster blogging award by Lilian from Travel Armadillo, so I’ll be answering her awesome questions from that.

I’ll also have more on my upcoming trip to Japan next month! The days are ticking by ridiculously quick, and I need to get my planning game on…

Additionally I’ll be sharing some tales from my most incredible backpacking adventure yet – My week in Valencia during Las Fallas! I’ve been holding them back until the right time – that time being the festival itself – and it’s now only one month away until Spain’s craziest fiesta! So keep an eye out for those too!

So yeah, I’m still here despite the frustrating, unwanted break! So keep checking out the site all!

Thanks! Love you long time! 😀


2 responses to “That Time I Said “I’m Still Here!”

  1. Thanks for the update. I’ll be watching eagerly and hope things are going well.

    I go in spurts of writing for my blog so try to have a few articles stored up for release over the time when I don’t have much free time. Not sure if you have chance to do this but it might help.

    • No worries bud, thanks for taking notice 🙂

      I did intend to build up a backlog of posts for a time like this over Christmas, but unfortunately never had the time to do so! God damn these real lives haha!

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