Accom Review: The Chilli, Bangkok

Despite having had a great stay in the awesome Lub D Silom in our first stop in Bangkok, we decided to try somewhere different for the return visit…

Image: The Chilli, Bangkok

Image: The Chilli, Bangkok

Unfortunately it wasn’t the best choice.

Beginning with a long taxi ride that included many laps of the Silom streets trying to find the place, it’s safe to say that The Chilli wasn’t the greatest of our accommodation choices in Thailand.

Tucked away down a winding (and from what I saw, Chinese!) residential alleyway, it’s a modern building with a pretty cool (and similar to Lub D) industrial style interior. Sadly that doesn’t extend to the bedrooms. In fact not much extends to the bedrooms…

Let’s be blunt – They’re tiny! And I know we’re talking about accommodation in Asia here, but when your bedroom consists of literally your bed and a miniscule bathroom it’s not the most comfortable of spaces. After all you could do with somewhere to actually put your luggage.

And as for the bed, nobody expects a quilt in budget accommodation, but here you get towels! Yes towels as blankets. Really not the comfiest of sleeps.

To be fair the bathroom – although tiny – was tidy, with a great shower. But you’ll have to remove everything from the bathroom first due to the shower being above the toilet.

Down at the bottom of the staircase – which runs down the centre of the building with the rooms around it – you’ll find a couple of PC terminals. I wouldn’t recommend using these for too long though, seeing as the air conditioning in this central area is never turned on, making the glass encased area feel like a furnace.

The reception/lounge area is a pretty sleek looking space, and thankfully they do use air-conditioning in there! You’ll find a couple of sofas and a bench tucked away, but it’s really not the most social area. With no bar or kitchen, and with the PCs being located elsewhere there’s no real reason for people to congregate in this tight space. Despite the fact that there were several other guests, we never saw any of them sat in the lounge during our stay.

Although a lot of effort has gone into the design of The Chilli, it’s pretty impossible to recommend it with so many flaws and also so many better places to stay in Bangkok. Whilst many of the issues could be ignored when you’re paying little and hardly there, it’s the awful location that’s the real achilles heel of The Chilli. Ridiculously hidden away in a very nondescript part of Silom – with the only nearby site of note being the pointless River City shopping centre – it’s a long walk to any transport links (the nearest being Hualamphong station), and the tight alleyways that you have to wander through to find it may be off-putting for some visitors.

Basically, there’s a lot better available in the area, so make use of it.


Bedrooms: 1/5
Bathrooms: 2/5
Kitchen: 0/5
Facilities: 2/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Location: 0/5

The Chilli: 53/15 Soi Chareonkrung 37, Bangkok 10500, Thailand


4 responses to “Accom Review: The Chilli, Bangkok

    • We actually had a double bed in our room. Well I say in our room, it pretty much was our room!

      It was not for me…

  1. Once again, no mention of price? If you’re near RiverCity, then you’re on the river and apart from the public busses, theres’ also the ferries running up and down the river, which can also easily get you to the BTS (Skytrain). Sounds to me like that the only thing wrong with the location is there lack of disemination of available transport information.

    • Hi! See my previous reply for reasons prices aren’t mentioned. I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts properly when you’ve taken the time to stay there 🙂

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