That Time I Pondered my Pre-Travel Nerves

With only just over three weeks to go until I land in Japan, it’s safe to say I’m getting rather excited…

But of course there’s a flip side to all the fun and anticipation during the countdown and build-up, and that’s the nerves that keep sneaking back up on me every few days.

It’s nothing that I wouldn’t expect of course, after all I’m flying to the other side of the planet – even if only for a week – and I’m doing it on my lonesome this time.

Flying solo again! (Image Credit: V Travelled Blog)

Mr Independent! (Image Credit: V Travelled Blog)

It is however, in terms of my previous travel experience, safe to say that Japan isn’t exactly gonna be the simple trip like Spain has been for me.

For a start it’s not the easy two hour hop from Bristol to Barcelona that I’m used to doing on my own. It’s also gonna be rather more of a challenge on the language front – I have a working knowledge of Spanish, whereas I speak a whole three words of Japanese! Heck, even making the four or five hour journey to Heathrow solo is rather more daunting than a simple couple of hours to Bristol.

As much as I love flying too, I do wonder how the upcoming twelve hour flights are gonna go being sat there on my lonesome. Last year of course I had Chelcie there to kill those hours with too (even if she did sleep rather more than me!), but this time it could be a long time with no talking. Let’s hope I can pick up some Japanese from other passengers on the way at least!

Now I didn’t really suffer with nerves at all before me and Chelcie’s trip last year, so this has definitely reminded me of the challenging mental aspect of going solo. Of course travelling solo is something I’m massively looking forward to experiencing again, given how well it’s gone for me on my past solo excursions. But who’s to say it will go that well again? I’ve been really lucky with meeting some awesome people before, I just hope that luck carries on and the same happens again in Tokyo.

And Tokyo itself is the other main source of these nerves really. Let’s be honest – it’s rather epically large! And the train/metro system looks rather epically confusing! Public transport has always been something I’ve been pretty good at deciphering, but Tokyo is definitely looking like my biggest challenge yet. Being packed like sardines into a carriage is probably more concerning mind…


Simples! (Image Credit: Burning Settlers Cabin)

So as you can see there’s a fair few items that have popped into my head when I’ve fluctuated over to the nervous side of anticipation. It’s probably not helped that I’ve had a few months to build up to this trip, unlike my very first solo trip where I booked a flight two weeks before going.

It doesn’t take long though before I remember why I’m slightly nervous – Because I’m heading off to do something truly awesome. Again!

I’m off to see the country that I’ve wanted to see longer than any other. And I’m off to see one of the world’s greatest and most unique cities. Sure, it’s nerve-wracking. And sure, it’s pushing me further than ever before in terms of travelling. But damn, that’s exciting!

And it’s that excitement I’ve missed since getting back from mainland Europe last summer – The “new country” nervous excitement as you come in to land at a new airport. The excitement as you wander the new streets on that first day exploring a new city. The excitement as you head to that next attraction/sight you’ve been wanting to see for ages. And the excitement of meeting fellow travellers fresh to the city just like yourself.

That excitement is about to reach boiling point shortly too when payday arrives, when I’ll be able to get the last few loose ends of my trip organised. It’ll shortly be all systems go, and I’ll be deliriously happy to leave behind my dull hometown (obviously I’ll miss my girlfriend mind!) for a week in the far east. And to be able to head back to Asia so soon after my last trip is just a dream come true.

So whilst I may indeed have a small case of the pre-travel nerves, when I sit back and think about it I realise that they’re actually just there to remind me of something:

I’m off. On another awesome adventure. Again.

You know what… I kinda like these nerves actually!

Bring it on Japan!

How nervous do you get before travelling? Or do you just get excited?


6 responses to “That Time I Pondered my Pre-Travel Nerves

  1. Pft. I just get excited! And the Tokyo subway’s really no more confusing than the London Underground.

    When you get to Tokyo, you can pick up an English copy of the subway map at most stations, or at the airport.

    The key thing to know is that there are TWO subway operators in Tokyo: Tokyo Metro (the blue M sign) and Toei (the green fan-shape sign). Tickets for one cannot be used on the other, and if you interchange between the two providers you need to buy a new ticket. Save yourself all the hassle and pick up a SuICa card at Narita (or Haneda, whichever you’re flying in to). It’s like an Oyster card, saves you a lot of messing about with tickets 🙂

    • Thanks again Trudi! I was actually looking at Suica cards when I read your comment, and you’ve convinced me to go for one now! Definitely looks like it’ll make things easier 🙂

      Like I say in the post the nerves are really because I’m back on my own for this trip, and it’s a fair bit further than my previous solo trips! I absolutely cannot wait to get on that plane though – The excitement is most definitely far outweighing the nerves! 😀

  2. You’ll have an absolutely amazing time.

    I find the planning part such a thrill!!

    • Thanks Hanni, I’m sure it’ll be great! I can get the last of my planning sorted now thankfully, so it’s all very real now!

  3. Tokyo is one of my travel dreams! I can understand your nervousness but in the end it will be worth it! That’s what I tell myself every time I’m freaking out on a plane (I hate flying!)

    • I’m sure it will be! I actually can’t wait to get on the plane because then it will feel like the adventure has started. That sucks about flying for you though 😦

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