That Time I Put Together My Packing List for Japan

Now hold your horses! Obviously my bag isn’t packed yet…

That would just be ridiculous with two weeks still to go!


And weather like this will require a mass re-think! (Image Credit: Marta Solis Tokyo)

I have though over the last few days been compiling my mental notes and putting together a real list of what I think I need, just to give myself some time next weekend to sort out the last few bits.

The biggest conundrum for me has been pondering whether I can go all that way travelling (fairly) light again, as I did in Europe. I can’t see myself needing my large 45L backpack for justΒ a week, but at the same time when you’re heading half way around the world the temptation is to cover all your bases.

Right now though I’m still swaying towards my small backpack and daypack combination. When I say daypack, I’m actually meaning my new camera backpack. As I’m not massively stocked up with camera gear yet though I’ve got plenty of space for an item or two of clothing, food and drink, and my other important items to squeeze in there too. So that’s ideal for my loooooong plane journeys ahead.

I’m thinking that the main issue with only taking a normal sized backpack will be finding room for my towel and washbag. I only took a small travel towel to Europe last year, but ended up throwing that away as I found it pretty useless. So I want to take a decent towel with me this time, and unfortunately that’s gonna pretty much eat up an entire compartment by itself.

Squeezing my washbag in also won’t be ideal. Whilst it won’t need to be too packed for just a week’s visit, it’s still one of those annoying shapes when it’s all bundled together. But I don’t wanna get to Japan and stink the country out so I guess I better take it!

Sorry Asia! (Image Credit: Weird Asia News)

Sorry Asia! (Image Credit: Weird Asia News)

In terms of clothes, I’m hoping not to have to go too crazy. I’m also banking on the Japanese springtime weather being kind to me!

Looking at recent temperatures in Tokyo – up to 20Β° – I figure I can go with just a thin jacket, and I’ll bring along a hoody for layering. As such the bulk of my clothing will be pants, socks and t-shirts. Don’t worry though those of nervous deposition, I’ll be wearing trousers too! Ideally I can get away with just one pair, and swap them with shorts on some days. But that’s the one clothing idea of mine that could be a sticking point…

I’ll definitely go with only one pair of shoes though. I’m sure they’ll be a nicely worn pair by the end of the week, along with some very achey feet!

Yes, you can see my pants!

Definitely still in the planning stages!

So I’m away for nine days in total – with my first night being an unexciting stay close to Heathrow counting down the hours unfortunately – and here’s what I’ve earmarked for squeezing into my bags:

  • Clothes:
    – T-shirts (x6)
    – Shirt (x1)
    – Pants (x7)
    – Socks (x5)
    – Shorts (x1)
    – Jeans/Trousers (x1/2)
    – Belt (x1)
    – Zip Hoody (x1)
    – Light jacket (x1)
    – Shoes (x1 pair)
    – Flip-flops (x1 pair)
    – Hats (x2/3)
    – Scarf (x1)
  • Washbag:
    – Shower gel
    – Roll-on anti-perspirant
    – Deodorant
    – Hair putty
    – Shaving razor
    – Moisturiser
    – Wet wipes
    – Plasters
    – Towel
  • Accessories:
    – Phone
    – Phone charger
    – iPod Touch
    – iPod Touch cable
    – Plug adaptor
    – Multi-tool
    – Padlock
    – Neck leash
    – Second wallet with backup cards
  • Camera bag:
    – Nikon D5100 body
    – 18-55mm lens
    – Battery packs (x2)
    – Battery pack charger
  • Books/Documents:
    – Passport!
    – Insurance/Flight documents
    – Notebook
    – Lonely Planet Tokyo Encounter book
    – Lonely Planet Discover Japan book

As usual it looks like a hell of a lot when I list it down, but hopefully my packing experience will see it all fit in easily on Friday week. So let me know what you think, and let me know if I’m making any cultural faux-pas’!

Do you think I’m taking too much or too little? And is there anything I’ve forgotten?


9 responses to “That Time I Put Together My Packing List for Japan

  1. Yes, you have forgotten to pack me.

    Seriously though I think that sounds about right! How many days are you actually in Japan?

    • Ahh if only I was taking my big backpack hey! πŸ˜‰

      I’ve got pretty much a week spot on between landing and take-off!

  2. At first, I looked at this list and thought that there needed to be about 4 instances of pagination, but then I realized that it’s not so crazy, after all πŸ˜‰ Great post!!!

  3. Excellent, excellent post! Anything to do with Japan catches my attention. Lived in Tokyo for a year, Okinawa for a year and a half, and then most recently half a year in Kobe…you will have an incredible time!

    • Many thanks for the kind words Jacqueline πŸ™‚

      I did indeed have an incredible time! A very busy time at that, and it just flew by. I can’t wait to get back there again – and I won’t let it be too long before I do!

      Oh and even with a normal sized backpack I still managed to take more than I needed haha!

  4. We do a bit of motorcycle touring, usually going away for four to five weeks at a time, and packing for that is always interesting! After two/three years of tweaking my list I’ve got it pretty much to a T now. Also, going for that length of time I have to do clothes washing so I take fewer clothes and more photography kit πŸ™‚

    • Oh that’s cool πŸ™‚ Nice to just have the wheels to head wherever you feel like I bet.

      Yeah I realised I could get away with less clothes when I was travelling in sunny climes last year, as I could have them drying in the heat during the day. And being able to take more photography kit is always a bonus ha!

      Thanks for stopping by too! Really appreciate it! πŸ™‚

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