That Time I Talked To You From Japan!

Yes, after all my incessant babbling about it in the build-up, I’m finally broadcasting to you live from the land of the rising sun.

I hope my snaps make it look this pretty… (Image Credit: Japan Dish

Of course if you follow me on Twitter, you may have heard that I arrived here a day later than planned! Why? Well I’ll save that full story for it’s own post, but I can sum it up by saying two things –

A) BA suck
B) That thing you may have heard about compensation and upgrades if you accept a request to take a later flight? Completely true!

So as it is I’ve only been here for a day and a half or so. It really won’t be long before I’m airbound again headed the other way! Good thing I refused to give into the heavy head yesterday and missioned through by getting out and snapping the Asakusa area, in particular the famous Kaminarimon, Nakamise-Dori and Senso-ji temple. About 32 hours without sleep was the total before I finally crawled into my (awesomely comfy) hostel bed last night. But hey, jet lag avoided!

As for today? Well I’ve bailed from Tokyo for 24 hours to head slightly north to Nikko! I’m here to check out it’s World Heritage renowned famous shrines, but the weather is horrendous today. I don’t think it’s stopped raining once! I arrived pretty close to the shrines’ closing time anyhow, so it looks like I’ll be taking it easy for the rest of the day before bussing up to the shrines tomorrow, rain or shine! Preferably shine as I really didn’t bring the most weather appropriate shoes…

Tomorrow I’ll be heading back to Tokyo and getting my exploring head on, as I’ll only have three full days after that to get to grips out Japan’s colossal capital! I have to admit, it’s a real eye-opener to finally be here – To say it’s rather “full-on” would be putting it lightly! I may only just be hitting double figures in my list of visited countries, but this is THE most foreign of foreign countries! I definitely don’t remember culture shock like this last year. But stepping out of your comfort zone is the reason we travel right? I say bring it on!

Oh and I also realised I committed my first Japanese cultural faux-pas… Yes this dumb fool brought flip-flops with him “to wear in the hostel”! Because it’s not as if I didn’t know that Japanese don’t wear shoes in the home! This is why you shouldn’t listen to your mother when checking your bag right before you leave… Love you though Ma 😛

So there’s a small update from moi about my initial taste of Japan! I’m looking forward to getting to grips with as much else as I can before I head back on Monday…

Are you in or have you been to Japan? How was your first few days there?

10 responses to “That Time I Talked To You From Japan!

    • It wasn’t the start to my trip I expected that’s for sure! Thankfully the compensation was adequate repayment ha 🙂

      I enjoyed the temples muchly thanks Jessica! In fact the weather was pretty damn good – especially the next day – for the rest of the trip! And now I’m back in dull dull England… 😦 Damn!

  1. I’ve been living in Tokyo for twenty-two years now but when I first arrived, I experienced a lot of culture shock.

    There was no internet when I first came here, so I had no idea what to expect before I came here.

    Anyways … please visit my blog.

    • Yeah on the train from Haneda to Asakusa it was a bit of an eye-opener! I was just looking around and thinking “Whoa… I’m really here now!”. I settled in pretty quickly though. I had to really as I was straight off to Nikko the next day! And now I’m back and miss it like crazy 😦

      Thanks for checking out the site bud! I’ve just got round to having a browse through yours. Really informative and a good read. I’m glad you have a post about Japanese Kit-Kats too, as I may have picked up a few myself haha! 🙂

  2. So far so good I see. It takes time to make yourself comfortable in Japan I guess. I want to see more updates – how to do like the food? Any cool places you are planning to explore? Let us know how Tokyo’s been treating you!

    • It definitely took some adjustment for that first day or so – It really was like stepping into a new world! But that just made it more exciting!

      Glad you asked about the food Agness, as I’m planning to do a post about that soon! 🙂

  3. I’ve always wanted to live in Japan. Something about the place is so attractive! Love your blog mate!

    • I’d love to give it a go too, would be a real adventure that’s for sure!

      Thanks for the kind words bud!

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