That Time I Booked My Latest Barcelona Return

You know how hitting the road just makes you want to travel more?

Well I wasn’t too happy to be landing back in dismal, dull England after my oriental excursion. Not too happy at all!

But it was just the spur I needed to get straight online and get another passage out of the country booked. And this one is slightly closer to home, and not at all original for me…

I’m heading back to Barcelona! Again!

And it'll probably be the only sun I get this summer...

And it’ll probably be the only sun I get this summer…

Of course as I’ve mentioned before it’s now a standard thing for me, as I have to get my BCN fix at least once a year. And this year was never going to be an exception. But I do have to wait a little bit before I see the beautiful Catalan capital’s sights again, as it’s not until September that I’ll be squeezing myself onto an Easyjet flight – that makes me sound fat! – at Bristol and hopping over France and the Pyrenees again. Come to think of it, I’m actually working in the morning before I fly, so the end of that day should be much better than the start of it! I’m already looking forward to sipping my first caña outside Cafe Zurich that night…

I may have made a bit of a ball-up with my booking however, as I’m again going hand-luggage only. That would normally be easy, but I forgot that I have a shiny new DSLR now which tends to need it’s own space. Didn’t really think that one through when booking… Oops! But hey, challenge accepted I guess!

So what am I going to do this time? Being that it’s my fifth visit in the space of five years and all! You would think I’d covered pretty much all you could want to see from a tourist perspective by this point, but when it comes to BCN I’m never satisfied…

A little more exciting than the houses in my street...

A little more exciting than the houses in my street…

Well first and foremost I’m now, as mentioned, equipped with a shiny new Nikon camera, so I’ll be covering as much of the city as I can again to grab some even prettier photos for my collection. Hopefully the late summer sun will be out and at it’s finest to light up the streets as usual. And there’s still plenty of La Ribera and the Barri Gotic that I haven’t got round to yet somehow! I’ll have to hit up the summer sales/rebaixes too, even if I won’t have much room in the luggage for splashing out. Nevertheless I’m sure I’ll return home with some more pimpin’ goods from the guys at Vaho at least – A new wallet will surely be on the cards as usual!

I figure that I’ll forgo my usual choice of accommodation this time too and check out what else is on offer. So if you have any top recommendations give me a shout with those.

What else will I be up to in the city? Well I’m still yet to make it up to Tibidabo too despite all my visits. With views of the entire city it should be an ideal spot to catch the tram up to and grab some scenic shots of Barcelona, providing I can catch it on a clear day. And I guess I could always hit the amusement park too if I get bored – Yes I am a big kid!

Time to check the views from the other side of town…

I quite fancy a ride on the Transbordador Aeri too, as I always see it hard at work carrying people over from Montjuic to Barceloneta and it could be another chance to get some great city shots. But that one will depend on how busy it is come mid September.

It’s also about time I hit up some of the surrounding sights in the region, with Montserrat and Sitges looking particularly appealing providing the weather holds up. I’ll actually be in Catalonia during Sitges annual Santa Tecla festival too, so the chance to catch another uniquely Spanish/Catalan festival is an opportunity I really shouldn’t pass up…

Of course I could always end up bailing from Barcelona entirely come the weekend, as the football season will be well underway, and it’s already been a couple of years since I saw my beloved Valencia CF in the flesh. A quick weekend in VLC could well be on the cards, fixtures depending. So there’s a chance it may not only be a Barcelona reunion. Mind you even if that fails my final night in Barcelona will be the first night of next season’s Champions League. Good to know…

Could think worse ways to spend a September evening...

I could think worse ways to spend a September evening…

But either way I’ll just be stoked to spend my week chilling in my favourite spots, such as at Porta de la Mar, outside the MACBA watching the skaters or on Playa de Sant Sebastia whilst (hopefully) enjoying the Spanish sunshine and the atmosphere of my favourite city on earth. Predictable maybe, but hey it makes me happy!

Oh yeah and it does look like I’m heading over solo again too. Whilst it wasn’t the original plan, unfortunately others couldn’t seem to commit for various reasons, despite initially appearing keen. And eventually there’s only so many months of “maybe” and “I might be up for that” you can wait through, and I decided the time was nigh to get booking. I’m sure I’ll keep myself amused somehow… But hey, if you’re also in or around Barcelona in September hit me up and grab a cerveza with me at the Ovella Negra!

So it’s great to be able to say – again – that the countdown to BCN has well and truly started. And as usual I cannot wait! Now, any recommendations for another small European city break beforehand…?

11th – 18th September it’s on… ¡Hasta pronto Barcelona!

Are you heading to Barcelona this summer? What are you hoping to see and do?


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    • Double post there? Haha! 🙂

      What can I say? It’s an addiction. But thankfully it’s a good one 🙂

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