That Time I Collated My Travel Tickets

Question for you – What do you do with the tickets and assorted oddities you pick up on your trips and travels?

After all, even on a short trip it’s easy to build up a proper little collection of items such as bus and metro tickets, admission tickets, business cards, receipts, boarding passes, luggage tags and who knows what else?

So as you long term travellers will know you could come home with mountains of paper souvenirs from months on the road. Which is exactly what I did after my months in Asia and Europe last year.

I was more than happy with that though, as being the artistic type – it’s the job! – I like to make framed collages of the bits and bobs I’ve gathered along the way!

Granted this started before I discovered the travelling bug, as I was already doing this for my various festival and gig tickets. But once I got my country-hopping game on the number of picture frames grew pretty rapidly, and I’ve now got eight decorating my walls at home.

Those walls might be getting pretty packed, but it’s always good to look up and see these and be reminded of lots of good times. And here’s to creating many more with loads more ace memories!

So here’s my various collections so far… See any from anywhere you recognise?

France, Spain & Italy  2012

France, Spain & Italy - 2012

I even kept a napkin as a souvenir for this one!

Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia  2012

Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia - 2012

The irony of the art museum having the blandest ticket isn’t lost…

Various gig tickets, NASS Festivals and Goldcoast Oceanfest bands — 2003 – 2007

Various gig tickets, NASS Festivals and Goldcoast Oceanfest bands - 2003 - 2007

Showing their age, but some ace gig memories! Sadly no travel mementoes though…

NASS Festival, Amsterdam & Paris  2008 – 2010

NASS Festival, Amsterdam & Paris - 2008 & 2009

I even make myself centre of attention in this one…

Valencia (Fallas 2011) & Barcelona  2011

Valencia (Fallas 2011) and Barcelona - 2011

Probably my favourite one! What memories, and sweet designs and illustrations to boot!

Barcelona  2010

Barcelona - 2010

My first solo trip! And it’s looking dated!

Euro road trip, NASS Festivals, gigs & graduation — 2008/9

Euro Road Trip, NASS Festival and Graduation - 2008

An assorted bunch, with everything from my graduation scroll to a sex museum ticket!

Japan — 2013

Japan - 2013

And the shiny new one! Might need that PASMO card again soon though… Oops!

Now to find some more wall space…

Thanks to the lovely Trudi over at Troo Adventure for giving me the idea for this post. If you enjoyed this one, check out her one on her Japanese tickets too!

So do you make anything out of your tickets and collectables? If so, what?


14 responses to “That Time I Collated My Travel Tickets

  1. That’s a really great idea. I used to save tickets but now I just throw them away. This post made me regret that decision.

  2. Creative…
    i collect all of those things too, so now i know i’m not the one. yess, bunch of them.
    thank you for sharing because now i have an idea how to make it a little bit worth to be collected 😀

      • No worries Yuna, glad you enjoyed! Yeah unfortunately that 2000 IDR note wouldn’t get me much in the UK so I decided to make good use of it 🙂

        • Of course Carl, you won’t get anything with that amount there, but here, in Indonesia you can get at least 2 deep fried buttered ‘tempe’ or another and those quite enough for belly. LOL.
          So, you use it well 🙂

    • I may have to do that too eventually, as I’m gonna end up with a ridiculous amount at this rate haha!

      I realised straight after I finished this post that I haven’t done one with my Hong Kong and Thailand tickets yet too!

  3. I do exactly the same. It’s such a great way of making sure you remember all of the fun things that happened during your trip. I’m hoping one day to get a giant world map and pin tickets etc onto it. We can dream right?!

    • That would be an awesome idea! 😀 You’ll just have to find a big enough house with a big enough room!

  4. One word for this hun – LOVE! Such a good idea! I started a scrapbook/box when I came home and I’m getting another one ready for Australia. Yours would make great wall art!

    • Thanks Toni! Yeah they do adorn my walls proudly, but I’m not sure what I’m gonna do for space once I’ve got a few more ha… 🙂

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