Accom Review: Sofitel London Heathrow – Terminal 5

Now this is not the sort of place I expected to be reviewing on my blog…

No "you snooze, you lose. scenario here!

No “you snooze, you lose” scenario here!

But when a stay at a rather plush hotel lands in your lap you have to make the most of it.

And then write it about it on your website after!

With my flight to Japan being pushed back by 24 hours, it was up to British Airways to put me and the other delayed passengers up for the night. Whilst I was expecting a nearby airport hotel, I didn’t expect it to be as lush as this… Particularly when I’d spent the previous night in a £22 Travelodge!

The first sign that the Sofitel London Heathrow was going to be a good experience was when I realised the hotel was connected to the terminal by walkway, meaning you never even have to step outside. And this walkway even set the tone for the rest of the hotel – spotless, serene and beautifully presented.

As you exit the walkway and step into the actual hotel you’ll be greeted by the gorgeously designed interior, constructed mainly with marble, wood and glass. I was already mighty impressed – if still surprised to be checking in at a hotel like this – when I collected my room keycard from the multiculturally manned reception.

I had almost a sense of nervous anticipation as I entered my room in the far wing of the hotel, and upon entry I definitely wasn’t disappointed at my freebie room for the night.


Someone just went up a class bracket…

Containing a lush, large double bed, leather recliner chair, LCD TV, desk, soundproof windows, mini fridge, safe, large wardrobe, wide mirror and all the amenities you could shake a stick at – it’s safe to say the room was pretty equipped! What was doubly impressive was that it wasn’t actually the biggest room, but never felt cramped with all the content it managed to hold. The peaceful music playing as I entered the room was also a classy touch! And free WiFi (at least for my short stay) was an added extra that I didn’t expect!

Can I get one of these at work?

Can I get one of these at work?

Checking out the bathroom I was surprised to hear the same scenic music echoing in here. It took me a while to realise that it was the sound from the TV which you could adjust with the wall mounted volume dial! See, I’m really not used to places like these…

Anyhow the spotless, marble finished room housed a large walk-in shower and, the bonus item I’m always happy to see, a bathtub! Tastefully finished with decorative stainless steel taps, rails and mirrors, it was a lusciously large room that made for a relaxing soak that evening – It’s not like I had anything else to do after all! And as you’d expect, there were plenty of toiletries laid on for you. Although I suspect they may be more commonly put to use by the ladies… Very generous anyhow!


Beats a shared hostel bathroom. Ever so slightly…

Of course it wasn’t just about the room, as I was given vouchers for free breakfast, lunch, dinner and breakfast the next day too – Sweet! After kicking back in my room for an hour at first (I’d checked in by 7.30am) I figured it would be rude to let my first breakfast voucher go to waste, and promptly got down to the hotel’s Vivre restaurant to check out the buffet. I was rather glad I did…

Seriously, I’ve never been spoilt for choice like I had here. With everything from your standard English breakfast items, to Italian, Mediterranean, Chinese and Japanese choices, both savoury and sweet, it’s literally impossible to walk away from this breakfast buffet unsatisfied. I went for three platefuls – don’t worry, I walked it off in Central London later! – as there were just so many items I wanted to try. It was literally breakfast heaven.

I didn’t take up the lunch option due to being out and about in the capital – and as if I needed it after that breakfast – but returned later for dinner. Whilst only being able to choose from a couple of choices this time, my burger was cooked to perfection and the meal as a whole was again seriously filling.

With me again visiting for a brief breakfast before my flight the next morning, I made use of the hotel’s Vivre restaurant three times, and each time the service and waiting staff were amazingly polite and attentive, which made the experience pretty all round great. Good job Sofitel!


Better than a £22 Travelodge? Erm…

Alas after a restful and relaxing night it was time to actually get on with my trip, and had I not been heading to Japan I think I would have actually been disappointed to be leaving the Sofitel! It’s a beautifully decorated, soundproof hotel with all the amenities you could wish for in – literally – an unbeatable location, with exceptional service from the extremely attentive staff.

To be honest I would actually love to stay here again should I be taking an early flight from Heathrow, but with prices starting from £135 per night I would imagine it’s unlikely whilst I remain a “budget” traveller! Still, whilst I was unfortunate that I had to stay here for a day, I ended up being fortunate to receive in compensation an all expenses paid stay in such an excellent hotel.

Thus, should you be of the “higher disposable income” bracket – or just feel like treating yourself before a long flight – then I couldn’t recommend it more.


Bedrooms: 5/5
Bathrooms: 5/5
Kitchen: N/A
Facilities: 5/5
Cleanliness: 5/5
Location: 6/5 (It’s connected to the terminal by walkway!!)

Sofitel London Heathrow: Terminal 5, London Heathrow Airport, TW6 2GD, London, United Kingdom

Disclaimer: I received a free stay and meals at Sofitel London Heathrow due to my flight being overbooked, but all opinions are my own.

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