That Time We Actually Had a Summer in England

I have to be honest…

I’ve been ridiculously slack on the blog front recently. But quite frankly I’m still reeling in shock…

Because – lo and behold – we’ve recently been experiencing some gloriously sunny days on this little island that I sadly call home! Yes, England is actually enjoying a Summer!

Who'd have thought it?!

Who’d have thought it?!

Oh it’s true, we’ve actually had a full week – save for a few extra clouds on Friday – of blistering sunshine. In fact, ever since we officially entered “Summer” on the calendar the weather has actually decided to live up to it’s billing. Incredible! And it seems that everyone in this little enclave in the north of my county of Devon has been hitting up the local beaches and firing up the barbeques like there’s no tomorrow!

And who can blame them? After all when it comes to sunny weather in England, hoping for consecutive days of high temperatures and clear skies is usually wishful thinking indeed!

Unfortunately we’re not deluded enough to expect a full season of hot weather – we’re far too jaded from the last six summers of perpetually grey skies and torrential rain to be that hopeful. Although I guess I did skip the last one myself by heading to Asia… What can I say? I knew what was coming!

But yeah, this surely can’t last for too long, so it’s good to see the local population making the most of the long days and clear blue skies whilst we have them.

Look at that! BLUE!

Look at that! BLUE!

So what has your erstwhile author been doing with himself in the beautiful Devon summer, and how has that been keeping him away from his blog? Well it’s safe to say that after a whole day cooped up inside a stuffy studio I haven’t really felt like parking myself in front of my MacBook all night as well! And thankfully I’ve managed to do quite a lot so far to make the most of these lush evenings…

For a start I’ve taken the chance to get down to our local beaches on a fair few occasions with my new (I’m still calling it that) Nikon D5100 in tow. I’m still getting used to the thing, even four months on, and at least the lush skies and warm palette on these evenings are giving me the chance to be a bit of a sunset emo at the moment, whilst experimenting with all the modes and settings on my machine. It’s been an ace way to pass the time on evenings when everyone else has been busy.

I kid you not!

Who needs Bali?

One aspect of my camera that I’ve particularly enjoyed playing with is the Selective Colour mode, where I’ve been able to make good use of the strong summer colours to create some really striking shots. Well, I’m happy with them anyhow ha!


Experiment successful!

These blue skies are proving particularly camera friendly at the moment too. I swear I’d almost forgotten what blue sky was since landing back in England…



As mentioned previously, several barbeques have also been on the go lately, with me enjoying tasty treats both at home and at several good friends’ houses. Last Tuesday saw a particularly epic one with jalapeño burgers, ribs, peppered steaks – the works! It may have been a bit over the top, but damn it was good food! And it’s amazing that the weather’s allowed so many to get involved and get barbequing. Reggae Reggae sauce also seems to have made a comeback too. Good times!

What else? Well just before the weekend I managed to spend an ace night with some good friends down on one of our best local beachesat Saunton. It pretty much had everything I could ask for from a North Devon summer evening – good company, ace weather, lush skies and… Yet another barbeque!



Our Saunton night also saw me back on my skimboard for the first time in about 18 months (I am actually shocked that it hasn’t rotted through yet mind) and damn, that was a good feeling! I was gutted last year of course that skimboards seemingly haven’t caught on in Asia yet, and this meant I went all through my summer travels without pulling any seashore skim tricks – Not what I expected. But thankfully jumping back on was as easy as riding a bike. Here’s to more evening skim sessions throughout the summer!

The night was capped off in ace style with us converting our barbeque into a late night beach bonfire, and one of my compadres had brought just the thing to accompany this – marshmallows! Thus making the rest of our crowd very happy indeed. So a top night all round really!


Dessert time!

Finally I spent yesterday at my friends’ wedding in the ace venue of Ocean Kave in Westward Ho! The name does what it says on the tin – It’s a small man-made cave on a very scenic plateau overlooking the ocean, and fortunately for them they just happened to have scheduled their wedding on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year, without a cloud in the sky all day long. And fortunately for myself I managed to survive the day without getting sunburnt! Hooray! And again – good times!

So it’s been awesome that I’ve been able to make the most of my local area at the moment, thanks to this blistering weather we’re currently having. Whilst all I ever want to do is to be off exploring a new country, it’s nice to get a reminder that I am fortunate enough to live in one of the most scenic areas of the country which is blessed with some awesome beaches. The frustration comes from the fact that we just don’t normally get to make the most of them, what with the usual appalling weather this country suffers!

But for now Summer has actually hit England – and Devon in particular – and the evenings and weekends are so much the better for it. With lots of fun beach times in the bag, and also some new travel plans to announce shortly, things are actually fairly fun right now considering I’m stuck in England. Who’d have thought it?!

More please!

More please!

Now what’s the betting that the weather has changed significantly by the time I publish this post…?

How’s your summer going where you are? And how’s the weather?


13 responses to “That Time We Actually Had a Summer in England

  1. Agreed! It has been an amazing summer so far (the week that we’ve had summer!). There was no cloud in the sky and everyone was out enjoying the sunshine. I hope this is a sign of what our summer will be like 🙂

    • Haha yeah I almost couldn’t remember weather like it in this country, it really had been that bad for that long! As expected though it’s all gone a bit grey here now… Typical! Dry I suppose though. How is it where you are?

      Hopefully the sun will be back soon! I’ve got a lot more skimboarding and beach visits to make with me being stuck here until August!

      • It was so warm in London that I felt like reapplying sunscreen every few hours. My friends were out for 5 hours and they said they even got sunburnt.

        London really lights up when it’s sunny! Good on you for going to the beach. I’d make the most of that weather while it’s here 🙂

  2. Wow that looks really nice. Rarely saw this kind of weather while living in England (though that was ages ago), glad you got to see some blue skies and warm weather, hope it continues!

    • Ha well as predicted it’s all gone a bit grey… Let’s hope it comes back soon, like I say it makes my generally boring local area a much nicer place!

      Hope the weather has got better for you too Aggy 🙂

  3. Ha! Summer in England? That’s a first. I’ve continued to leave England during the summer every year purely because I want a bit of sunshine. Glad to know that the weather isn’t dull this summer!

    • Oh don’t worry, it’s back to being constantly grey and dull now haha!

      Yeah that was why I bailed for last summer, as I couldn’t take another awful wet one. But I can’t escape this one sadly so I’m trying to grin and bear it! It’s tough ha!

    • I know right! I’d forgotten what they were like too. Sounds like you lucked out last year, as it was pretty horrendous from what I heard!

      Ah that’s not too far away then really! Yeah the South can be ace, but just not often enough really. I need more excitement than Devon generally brings.

  4. I just got back from London and noticed the lack of sun, but Devon seems beautiful! I honestly thought these were pictures of Jersey or a British overseas island, not the mainland! (if you can call it that)

    • Yeah these were definitely examples of Devon at it’s best. The norm is dull grey skies though sadly! Thanks for stopping by and the kind words 🙂

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