Five Photos From… Akihabara, Tokyo

It’s Tokyo’s centre of Otaku culture…

Bright neon lights, geek chic and massive manga adverts adorn high-rise buildings! Yes it’s the Japanese capital’s electronics district Akihabara!

Being just a couple of metro stops on the Ginza line away from where I was at Tokyo Station, I decided to head to Akihabara – also known as Akiba to locals – and have a wander around to check out the neon streets for myself.

It ended up taking up a good few hours of my time once I’d navigated my way up and down several monolithic electronic and toy megastores! Seriously, if you need any possible electronic item whilst in Tokyo, this is the place to go! Just don’t say you weren’t warned if you end up lost in Yodobashi Camera…

For me though the real spectacle was Akihabara at street level. With masses of colours and lights bombarding you from both sides of the street, it’s a real visual feast once the sun’s gone down and lights have been switched on. Here’s five of my fave street shots from manga central.


Massive manga billboards on corner buildings


Busy intersection


“Kawaii” and manga window ads


View down the strip


Train line running between buildings

All photos are copyright of Carl Forbes 2012, 2013.

6 responses to “Five Photos From… Akihabara, Tokyo

    • Hey Christine. Ha good question! I enjoyed the sights and bright lights, although I have to admit I felt a bit of a geek myself wandering around all the massive stores camera in hand. Think the fellow clientele may contributed to that feeling mind ha…

      No I didn’t find a maid cafe either! I was keeping an eye out too, as someone else on here had previously recommended checking one out! So that was a shame.

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