That Time My Mum Took Her First Solo Flight

So it’s a bit of a different update this one…

But I’m excited enough to write about it, and it’s not even my trip – Tomorrow my Ma is off on her very own mini adventure!

But this time it's not me! (Image Credit: V Travelled Blog)

This time it’s not me! (Image Credit: V Travelled Blog)

Yes she’s beaten me to being the first to temporarily escape the country this summer, and she’s off to Bristol Airport to take to the skies for the very first time. I’m extremely excited for her.

Of course I’d love to think that my endless ramblings on travel had given her a serious case of wanderlust, but more than likely she’s just resorting to extreme measures to get away from me! Well, I do talk about travel a lot…

On a serious note though, it’s not exactly easy for my Mother to go on journeys such as this one, so I’m seriously proud of her for taking her first flight on her lonesome. I’m sure she’s pretty nervous – a feeling I remember well from my first solo trip – but hopefully excited about the experience too! At least it’s only Bristol Airport she has to navigate, so she’s bedding herself in gently.

But of course, if she’s taking to the skies, then where is she landing to?

Granted, she’s not heading too far. In fact, she’s actually headed back to her old stomping ground. And when I say old, we’re talking before I was born…

She’s taking a wee trip to Edinburgh!

It actually looks quite picturesque! (Image Credit:

It actually looks quite picturesque! (Image Credit:

It seems the capital of Scotland is calling her back, 27 years after she actually lived there temporarily. The purpose of the trip is to rendezvous with an old work buddy, but I’m sure some sight-seeing will be done as she reacquaints herself with the city. And I imagine that it may look a little different from her last visit, with that coming nearly three decades ago.

Now I can’t say Scotland has ever been or will be particularly high on my list for a visit, so outside of Edinburgh castle and the famous Hogmanay celebrations – which I suspect it might be the wrong time of year for – I’m certainly not clued up when it comes to Scotland’s capital.

So that’s where you come in – Anybody have any recommendations or tips to help my Ma get the best out of her weekend in Edinburgh? Whether it’s historic sights to see, awesome places to eat, or any unheralded festivals that might be happening this coming weekend. Drop us a comment and give us the Lothian lowdown.

But even if you’re as unknowledgeable in events north of the border as I am, hopefully you’ll join me in wishing my Mother a safe trip there and back and a fun weekend. It’ll be a nice change from our dull Devonian hometown for her – even if it’s not exactly a new destination – and I’m looking forward to hearing how her first Easyjet experience goes.

But she better not bring me any damn haggis back…! Urgh…

What would you recommend checking out in Edinburgh? Any tips for my Ma?


7 responses to “That Time My Mum Took Her First Solo Flight

  1. But haggis is awesome!!
    Princes Street, Scott Monument, Castle (of course). Could always take a open top bus tour (depending on the Scottish weather!) and they take you out to Leith near the sea… Hope she sees the Forth bridge flying into Edinburgh airport – it’s a nice sight from the air!

    • Thanks muchly Bennett! I imagine these all ring a bell to her, but I’m sure it’ll be interesting to see how things have changed since her last time there 🙂

    • Ha I haven’t even had that experience yet! Easyjet all the way! Thanks muchly Jess! I’m sure it’ll be nice for her 🙂

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