Five Photos From… Georgetown, Penang

It’s been over a year already since my highlight of my Asian travels – Penang in Malaysia!

And that’s pretty scary – time really does fly!

I’ve recently been looking back at my photos of the many memorable sights from Malaysia’s only predominantly Chinese region. And whilst moping about how long ago it now seems I was struck with an idea for this post…

With UNESCO World Heritage listed Georgetown’s many historic Straits Chinese shophouses, temples and clanhouses, I thought a vintage look to these photos would be the perfect fit. So have a look and see what you think of my retro styled shots of gorgeous Georgetown!

Chinese signs with the mosque in the background

Chinese shop signs with Kapitan Keling mosque in the background


Vintage restored Chinese shophouses


Looking along the shophouses of Lebuh Armenian

cv cd

Khoo Kongsi clanhouse


Front of a local house

All photos are copyright of Carl Forbes 2012, 2013.


5 responses to “Five Photos From… Georgetown, Penang

  1. wuaaa, Penang, it supposed to be on my 2013 travel wish, but i think i can’t make it.
    i love your white and black photographs. beautiful. I’ll go there next year. Ameeen 🙂

      • at first, but it has been delayed to next year because i’ll make a turn to another country. kekekekeke
        hope see you there then. LOL.

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