That Time I Was About To Head To Amsterdam

Aaah that one day left before a trip feeling…

I really haven’t had enough of that this year. But finally, it’s almost time for me to make the trip back to the Netherlands, and back to Amsterdam!

Skinny buildings here we come! (Image Credit: )

Skinny buildings here we come! (Image Credit: HD Nature

Despite deciding on it pretty rashly, it’s still ended up being two long months to wait since I booked it. And yet one of the group still only managed to get his new passport sorted on Saturday… Nothing like cutting it fine hey!

Sorting out and chasing up the last few issues have taken up my blog time the last 5/6 days or so, hence I’ve been a bit slack on here. But I had to squeeze one more update in before the ‘Dam, naturally!

And thankfully all of the boring bits to sort are now done, and all that really remains is to go and chuck some clothes in a bag and get going. Even though I probably could get away with walking around just in pants… It’s a liberal place remember! No, I joke. No-one would want to see that! But as it’s only three days it definitely won’t be a lot of kit in the bag!

It’s been really enjoyable planning a trip again too – maybe I’m in the wrong career – after all it’s been a fair few months now since I sorted out my plan for Japan. Although I have to say, I did at times remember why I enjoyed solo travel – it’s a lot easier to organise! And one friend even had to bail out after paying unfortunately – not a cheap thing to do when flying with Easyjet – but thankfully we managed to find a replacement, so there’s still a decent crowd of five of us.

Still I am delighted to be going with friends again though, and it’s gonna be a nice change to have a crew there for three days of fun and exploration. But it will also be nice when we’re checked into the hotel and my “responsibilities” are over.

I also like bikes! (Image Credit:

Good thing I like bikes! (Image Credit:

So what’s the plan? Well sadly I’ve actually still gotta work in the morning, so it’s not gonna be the most exciting start to a travel day, as I’ll be stuck in the design studio til 1pm. And after how the rest of this week has gone, that’s gonna seriously drag…

But after that I’ll be burning it home and jumping in Lee’s car to pick up the rest of our cohorts before we cruise up to Bristol Airport. It shows how travel has become a lot less of a big deal too when I’m now perfectly cool with working in the morning and then going to sleep in a different country later that day.

Our flight out isn’t actually until 18.50, so we’ll be arriving in the ‘Dam pretty late and probably won’t reach our hotel until 22.00-ish (NL time), but I’m definitely planning to park the bag down and get straight out to reacquaint myself with the city. Hopefully the rest of the crowd will be up for that too. And after that who knows…

With full days on Friday and Saturday to make use of I’m sure we’ll cover everything we want to see (and snap in my case!), and there shouldn’t be too much time wasted while we wander lost this time too. I’m pretty confident I can remember the basic layout of the main city centre at least anyhow. Here’s hoping I’m correct, being almost five years since the last time!

Just look for the bridge... (Image Credit: All That Is

Just look for the bridge… (Image Credit: All That Is

It’s gonna fly by though undoubtedly, and come 19.00 on Sunday it’ll already be time to turn around and head back to Schiphol and fly home. Even worse, it’ll be straight back to work on Monday! No rest for the wicked, but at least then Barcelona will only be one month away

So that’s the deal for my next few days, and also hopefully for my next few posts after too! Here’s hoping I discover plenty more of Amsterdam, and manage to get some awesome shots to add to the collection too.

See you on the other side! Now hand me a bike…

Anyone else heading to Amsterdam this summer? Any tips for places/sights?

9 responses to “That Time I Was About To Head To Amsterdam

  1. Anne frank house was awesome, def. check that out also the Rijksmuseum has some great Rembrants and the vangoh museum was also good. Also don’t miss the red light district at night but def. go with a friend and check out a peep show, (you will be surprised at what you see for sure!!)

    • Thanks for the tips Diane 🙂

      Yeah we saw plenty of the red light district on our first visit, so tbh this time I imagine we’ll have a quick wander around it for my friend who didn’t come along last time, but hopefully that’ll be it really.

      Didn’t really manage to check out many of the museums last time though so we’ll hopefully squeeze some in this time!

  2. We visited Amsterdam last year. The city is very pretty. But I loved the zuiderzee museum and kinderdijk. Those places aren’t located inside Amsterdam.

    • Glad you enjoyed it! Cool I’ll look those up and see if I might be interested. Thanks for the advice 🙂

    • Hey Karis! That would definitely appeal to a few of our group actually haha. I’ll put that to them for sure. Thanks muchly for the tip 🙂

    • Hey we found the bar Karis! Sadly we got there really late, and it was pretty quiet by that point. Looked cool though!

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