Five Photos From… Amsterdam – In Selective Colour

Nothing excited me more about my trip to Amsterdam than getting the chance to flex my photography muscles again…

Particularly after my trip to Japan, where although I managed to get some good shots, I was still very much feeling my way around my brand new bit of photographic kit!

In fact one mode I didn’t make use of at all was “Selective Colour”, so I was extremely keen to make up for that this time around in the ‘Dam.

It turned out to be ideal for both the bright summer colours on display when the summer sun was out, but also for a bit more flavour when greyer skies passed by overhead.

So here’s five of my favourite photo “experiments” from my weekend in Amsterdam.

My 24 hours of fun...

My 24 hours of fun…

Shutters on some typically Dutch buildings...

Shutters on some typically Dutch buildings…

The uniquely shaped Nemo Museum

The uniquely shaped Nemo Museum

Rijksmuseum and sculpture

Henry Moore’s sculpture outside the Rijksmuseum

Plenty of cheese!

Lots of cheese!

All photos are copyright of Carl Forbes 2012, 2013.

7 responses to “Five Photos From… Amsterdam – In Selective Colour

    • Thanks Jacqueline! Well I have a mode on my current camera for it, so that makes things much easier. I can do it in Photoshop too, but prefer not to as that takes a lot longer haha! 🙂

    • Thanks bud! Yeah I loved the red bike one – Am using it for my cover photo on FB now. Appropriate colour choice for Amsterdam too!

  1. Carl, you are a monster for publishing these stunning photos of Amsterdam when I am back in China missing this city and the people I met there! No joke, your photos are one of the best I have even seen. They are vivid and these colors! Wow, well done! I’m so angry with myself for not meeting you, but I hope we can make this happen next time. I am planning to do my master’s degree in Amsterdam next September so you are more than welcome there xxx

    • Aw thanks so much Agness! I was very glad I got some nice ones, so very pleased you like them too. Apologies for making you miss Amsterdam though haha 🙂

      Yeah that was a real shame that we didn’t get to meet – I still blame Facebook Messenger for the mix up – but we’ll definitely make it happen at some point. That’ll be awesome if you do end up in Amsterdam again. I’ll always be happy to head over for a weekend of cycling around that awesome city ha 🙂

      Hope you have settled back into China well. Great to hear from you Miss!

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