That Time I Added Ireland to My Itinerary

I think I’ve found the best way to get myself to book a new trip…

It’s simple really – I just need to return home after a trip!

It’s a sure fire guarantee then that I’ll quickly be booking something new. After all, it happened after Japan, with me rapidly sorting out my 2013 Barcelona visit, and now after my recent Amsterdam weekender it’s happened once again…

As I’ve made the choice to head to Ireland!

The spire marks the spot! (Image credit: Shutterstock)

The spire marks the spot! (Image credit: Shutterstock)

It’s no great surprise that our near neighbours have won out in being the next place I’ve decided to hit this year. I hinted that it was the likely outcome in my recent post pondering where I should head to next, and the fact that Chelcie’s birthday is coming up made it a winner, as we can combine our desire to get abroad together with my need to get her a birthday present!

So no need for me to be stressing over ideas for her this year!

Add to that the fact that some amazingly cheap flights were on offer over the last few days, and I wasted no time on getting them locked down. In fact when I booked on Saturday the flights had somehow gone even cheaper than what I’d seen them advertised as on Thursday and Friday – score!

Of course, low price flights and Ireland can generally only mean one thing though – Indeed, I will be taking my very first flights with Ryanair!

I’m glad they’re very short ones mind, with each flight only being an hour long. It means I can (hopefully) have a gentle introduction to the airline everyone loves to hate. I’m sure it’ll be something to write about either way.

And let’s be honest – with an awesome total cost of €92 for our flights there and back (although we’re flying from East Midlands Airport and returning to Bristol due to a prior engagement the day before we go), I’m more than willing to grin and bare it for a short 60 minutes. If anything I’m surprised that it’s actually that long a flight, particularly from East Midlands.

So what’s the plan once we’re in Dublin? Well I haven’t thought too much about that yet – It’s far too far away for me to be planning stuff outside of flights really! One thing is for sure though, I won’t be checking out the Dublin hostel scene on this trip. After all, I’m taking the lady over there for her birthday, so it’ll be a hotel stay without a doubt. Here’s hoping there’s some decent options on offer… I’m sure there will be in mid November to be honest.

Irish lights and sights ahoy!

Irish lights and sights ahoy! (Image Credit: Shutterstock)

Having just been told by my fellow designer at work though about the awesome culinary experiences she had on her visit, I’m now massively excited about getting stuck into some hearty Irish grub. As if food wasn’t always one of the main thing I’m excited about anyways! But the steak she’s just described to me has pretty much made me drool, and I’m not normally a big steak fan! Mmm… Food.

There is one thing I quite fancy doing a bit differently on this little trip mind, and that’s potentially taking part in a tour. I’ve heard good things about the various walking tours on offer around Dublin, and depending on what the weather’s looking like when we’re on the Dublin streets I may tag along with one. So yes, I do quite fancy being one of those annoying tourists for once! If the leader holds up a silly flag though I’ll be bailing…

As mentioned in my previous pondering article, I’d also like to take a quick trip out of town to the cliffs at Howth. I know it’s only a short bus ride so I’m sure we’ll get that sorted. Here’s just hoping the weather is okay for it in November.

On the flip side, a couple of aspects that probably aren’t high on our agenda – and this is probably quite contradictory compared to most Dublin tourists – are the Guinness Storehouse and old Jameson Distillery. As Chelcie is completely teetotal, and I’m not too far off that, I can’t imagine either of these will be particularly appealing to us. After all, no-one really goes along to learn about the history of the brand (do they?), so I’m not too sure what we’d get out of them if we’re not interested in the testing. But I’m more than willing to reconsider that if anyone fancies convincing me why they’re essential viewing when over in Dublin… Speak now or forever hold your piece!

Not really my thing, but I could be persuaded... (Image Credit: Shutterstock)

Not really my thing, but I could be persuaded… (Image Credit: Shutterstock)

To be honest though I’m more than happy to keep Dublin as a surprise waiting to be unravelled for when we arrive. After all, it’s not often these days you’ll head to a new destination knowing pretty much nothing about it, so I’m gonna try and keep it that way personally. As long as it’s an ace few days for me and the lovely lady then I’ll be happy. I’m very excited to get abroad with her and add another country to the list! Now roll on November 9th so that we can get exploring!

Oh and I best dig out my green t-shirt too I guess…

What do you guys think of Dublin? Any tips for our upcoming Irish jaunt?

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