That Time I Was Barcelona Bound. Again!

Aaaaaand finally it’s here!

After all my build-up and all my rambling about it (sorry Twitter followers!) it’s time to head back to the creme de la creme of all the places I’ve visited so far for an entire week of fun, festivities and photography.

Yes B.O.B., I’ll be spending some Euros and I’ve been brushing up on my Español…

Because it’s finally time to head back to Barcelona!

Time to see my friend again!

It’s time to see my friend again!

You may well remember that I got the dates nailed down back in April, not long after returning from my Japanese adventure. And man, it has dragged since then! With no travel in that period except for my brief but brilliant Amsterdam weekender, that’s just made the long countdown go even more slowly. But now of course Im heading off and I’m dashing about sorting my kit and deciding on the clothes I need. Typical…

Mind you even with 5 months to think about it I still have no real plan for my seven days in Catalonia. And due to the football fixtures being unkind (I’m not going all the way down to Sevilla to watch my beloved VCF) it’s looking very much like I’ll be spending my entire week in the region. But to be honest, I’m not that disappointed, as it means less travel and more sightseeing.

What quirky discoveries await this time...?

What quirky discoveries await this time…?

I’d already planned to make the short journey to Sitges of course to check out the town’s Santa Tecla festival, and that’ll be what I’m up to next Monday. But now I have the time I may well add on an excursion to either Girona, Tarragona or – weather dependant – Montserrat to really get a proper taste of Catalonia on this visit. Or maybe I could finally make it back to little Mataro, which provided some unique and unexpectedly funny memories from my very first visit to Spain, despite the van exploding there! So any recommendations as to which?

Back in Barcelona itself it’ll just be a case of enjoying city life, shopping – I’m looking forward to getting hold of some sweet new Vaho goodies as always – and snapping away.

Actually, the only real aspect I have thought ahead on is looking up some of Barcelona’s best viewpoints. Tibidabo was already on my list as I mentioned, but I’ve tracked down a few more to visit, so here’s hoping for some scenic skyline shots. Any nice sunsets to complement these will be gratefully received.

Like so...

Like so…

I’ve also decided to spend a bit of time checking out a different hostel during my stay too, as I figured I should see what other offerings are available outside of my usual choice of Hello BCN. Where? Well you’ll just have to wait for the review for that…

One big difference from my excursion of last month of course is that I’ll be back on my lonesome for this one, with no amigos or my lovely lady to accompany me. I have to admit that as much as I loved taking a trip with some of my best friends in Amsterdam, I found it very difficult to adjust to again now that I’d kind of got used to the solo travel vibe. So it’ll be just me, myself and I on this one – here’s hoping I still like my own company!

I'll just have to go to the park on my own!

I’ll just have to go to the park on my own!

The flipside to the freedom though is that I have a light case of the pre-travel nerves creeping up on me. I’m a bit surprised as to be honest I don’t even remember having them prior to my Japan trip (although they did hit when I landed at Haneda Airport), and I obviously didn’t have them being with five friends last month.

I actually wonder if it is the travel that I’m nervous about, or whether I’m pushing my luck by visiting Barcelona yet again? After all having had so many amazing experiences there already, can I possibly keep having more in the same place. I’m not out of things to do by any means, but will the magic still be there on yet another visit? I certainly hope so seeing as I want to live there! Considering I was downright depressed upon leaving last time there’s no way I’ve had enough of this amazing city, but is it possible that I could reach that point…?

I guess overall the big question that this trip will answer for me is “Can you have too much of a good thing?”. I’m pretty damn confident that the answer is “NO”, but this next week will tell me one way or another…


More experiences like this will keep it in the “love” column…

But let’s move past my slight case of pre-travel nerves and pre-trip pondering and move on to the overriding emotion – Excitement!

I’m excited because the time has finally come around again. Just over a year after my last visit, it’s finally time to return “home”. A week of fun, fiesta, photography, food and who knows what else in the Catalan capital of cool is finally here! I’ve needed this.

11th – 18th September – It’s here. ¡Vamos Barcelona!

Any recommendations for happenings and events in Barcelona over the next week people?


6 responses to “That Time I Was Barcelona Bound. Again!

  1. You know what I am jealous of you! But I do hope you have fun. Was in Bcn for a week this summer and I (purposely) missed out so many places to visit like Montserrat, Tibidabo just so that I can come back there 😀

    • Haha that was the plan 😉 Yeah it’s going well thanks. Still really quite hot too! Hopefully heading up to Tibidabo in a bit.

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