That Time I Celebrated – 1 Year & 100 Posts!

Well time really does fly!

A year already since my very first post, crazy! And I definitely didn’t think I’d make so many posts in the space of 365 days (ish), particularly with my dearth of travel for six months or so after starting up – so appropriate for a travel blog hey!

So let me have a bit of a celebratory recap on reaching 1 year and 100 posts!

This is my celebration face...

Me, pre-travel blog. Notice the lack of grey hairs…

Truth be told it was actually 9/10 days ago that I hit the first birthday, but I thought I’d hold out and celebrate both of these milestones together. As a double celebration is always more fun right?

It’s been a fun ride so far, and I’m über grateful to every single person that’s stopped by the site even just the once – although if you have stopped by just once, I’d love you to come back for much more! But every single comment, follow, retweet, like and email has been warmly received, and I really really do appreciate it. More on you guys later though…

I’ve learnt a heck of a lot as well in my time blogging so far – most notably just how much work it is! I give serious kudos to those of you who take it a lot more seriously than I do, and particularly if you’re brave enough to go all out and attempt make it your career. I myself spend enough time thinking about my next posts, which photos to choose, how to get more people reading etc – you know the score – but I’m very glad that I don’t have to do that with the pressure of needing to make an income out of it.

My income comes through modelling, obviously... (Image Credit: Lucas Low)

My income comes through modelling, obviously… (Image Credit: Lucas Low)

On that note, how is my site doing? Well it’s safe to say it’s definitely not where I want it to be at this time. But if I asked myself honestly “have I done everything I can to make it more of a success?” then the answer would quite frankly be “no”.

I’ve can’t deny that I’ve been prone to a few lulls throughout this first year, and it’s probably also fair to say I don’t handle the work/personal/blogging life balance as well as some of you others out there. But rest assured the enjoyment is most definitely still there and I’m intending to hang around for the long haul. And hey, maybe I’ll eventually move over to (properly)!

That said there is likely to be a few changes around here. You may have noticed I’ve been doing a lot more photography posts these last couple of months, and this is likely to be something I keep up, with the plan being one full post a week alongside these. I’m even more pushed for time now I’m back on the language learning and freelance design bandwagons so this seems like the best way for me to keep the blog going consistently. Plus the fact that I do love my photography helps contribute to that decision, although I’m not claiming I’m actually good at it ha!

I try hard though!

I try hard though!

Oh and of course I’m also squeezed for time as most of my holiday allowance is gratefully taken up with er, travel!

Anyhow let’s carry on with a bit of a recap of this first year, and talk some travel later on…


As I’m thinking back over a year of scribbling down in here I figured I’d throw in some of my favourite posts so far. I’d never claim they’re Shakespearean masterpieces of course, but I enjoyed writing these and hearing from you guys in the comments and by email afterwards. Even when the reaction wasn’t so positive…

That Time I Decided Naples Was Disgusting – New to blogging? Why not call one of Italy’s most well-known cities “a dump” and see the reaction you get! Apparently I’m a “stupid sh*t American”…

That Time I Booked a Flight to Japan – The trip I always wanted to take became a reality, and I couldn’t help but metaphorically shout out loud about it and celebrate with you lovely lot!

Mission accomplished.

Mission accomplished.

That Time In a Tokyo Cat Café – It’s cats. They’re cute. And it’s in Tokyo. Plus the new camera really started to help when it came to better quality shots for the blog.

That Time We Actually Had a Summer in England – I could hardly remember the last time we had a great summer in this country, so I just had to share my delight – after taking a blogging break to enjoy the sun! Plus I didn’t expect to get to write about my home area so gleefully.

Summertime surprise!

Summertime surprise!

That Time I’d Had Enough of Budget Backpacking…? – Probably the most honest post I’ve made so far. Only a year into writing about my travels, yet am I finding my travel habits changing…?


I said there’d be more on you guys later didn’t I!

Undoubtedly the best aspect of starting up this blog has been being able to make some great connections and discover so many like-minded folks out there in the travel blogging world. I can’t say I would have been one for “online friends” before doing this, but I’ve been stoked to get to know several of you through your blogs and various conversations we’ve had. And of course, hopefully our paths will actually cross at some point on the road!

So here’s a few quick shout-outs to some of my faves:

Agness from eTramping – I seriously don’t know how this girl manages to fit in travel, blogging, working and everything else she has on her plate. And she doesn’t even blog in her first language! She must be the most connected blogger going, yet Agness always has time for a chat and some kind words.

Sam from Totally Sam’s World – Miss Starling never fails to make me smile with her bright and bubbly blog posts on her very bright blog! I’m glad to see she’s making the most of her time down under and I’m enjoying reading about it.

Neil from Backpacks and Bunkbeds – It’s always good to see someone else in the 9 to 5 boat still finding the time to travel and run a great blog. It’s this that makes Neil’s blog easy to relate to for me, and it’s one that I always take the time to check out.

Aggy from Dream Explore Wander – Über friendly Aggy is now back in Asia after a long stint in Europe, but her blog is still awesome as ever. I’ve got a lot of time for our Twitter conversations that generally descend into laughter!

Chris from Backpacker Banter – I’m always interested in what a fellow Devonian is up to when they escape our sleepy homeland, and having briefly met Chris a couple of times I particularly enjoy keeping up with his latest adventures and the carnage he’s causing across the globe.

Jess from Hola Yessica! – The site that makes me jealous more than any other, with Jess living the life in beautiful Barcelona. Undoubtedly the best blog to learn about Barcelona from – heck, I make sure I check it out before I visit now!

Toni from Reclaiming my Future – The other fellow Devonian whose blog is an essential read. I’ve got a lot of time for Toni’s honesty, and I’m stoked to see her settling into life in Australia well.

Shout-outs too to Emily from The Cosy Traveller, Pau from FateuserChristine from Grrrl Traveler and The Guy from Flights and Frustration for making several comments on here and/or just generally being great to talk travel with. And I’m sure there’s several others that I’ve forgot too, which says it all about just how many awesome travel bloggers there are! Keep it up guys, and thanks again!

So what’s next?

Oh yeah, the travel aspect… I guess I should remember that bit on this, my travel blog! 100th post or not, it’s probably the correct subject to finish on after all!

Well as previously revealed I’ll be heading to Dublin for a three-day getaway next weekend as it’s my lovely lady’s birthday! I’ve been looking forward to this one for a fair while, and all the write-ups from the TBEX attendees have further fueled my excitement for checking out the Irish capital. I can’t honestly believe I haven’t headed there sooner, so I’m very keen to put that one right.

Of course my aim was always to make it to five countries this year, which left me with one final journey to take. Thankfully I still had over a week to take off work. And I’ve now sorted out my final travel plans for 2013…

Where? Well I recently posed a very vague teaser photo on my Facebook page. Now I might just make it a bit easier:

It's the peak time to go!

It’s the peak time to go!

And that people is what we call a twist – and also not a bad way to end my travels for 2013 me thinks! So bring on the +852.


It’s probably about time I called it a wrap on this 100 post celebratory recap. To say it again, thanks so much if you’re reading this or have stopped by the site at any point. I really do appreciate it, and please do keep it coming.

But above all, as this is the point of why I write – Happy travels!

Thanks muchly everyone!

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27 responses to “That Time I Celebrated – 1 Year & 100 Posts!

  1. CONGRATS! I should probably figure out my blogiversary too… it’s been, four years almost? Only kind of, cause I had a Tumblr? Who knows.

    Great job and you’ll see some wonderful progress in this next year, I’m sure. 🙂

    • Thanks Sally. Four years? That’s commitment, fair play haha! Yeah hopefully I’ll get the blog out there a bit more at least, I’ll certainly do my best 🙂

    • No problem at all. And thanks for the congrats. Hopefully there’ll be plenty more for you to enjoy 🙂

  2. Hurray! What an amazing milestone! As a new reader this was a great post to catch up on some of your previous adventures, and be introduced to some new blogs. Thank you!

  3. 100 posts in 1 year, that’s an amazing job! It is already something incredible to be persistent. Do you ever hit the moment that you find you have nothing to write about unless going on a new trip to get some new experience and inspiration? Anyway, keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Sasha. Haha to be fair I’m not far off that moment now – although I really should write about Thailand, Madrid and Rome – but thankfully I do now have some trips coming along to hopefully top up the travel stories 🙂

      Thanks for all your comments too 🙂

    • Thanks Lucy! It seems to have flown by – scary! But yeah here’s hoping there’ll be many more adventures ahead 🙂

  4. Carl! Congratulations, what an achievement! Thank you so much for the shout out, you know you’re one of my favs too 🙂
    I wish you many more travels in the future and more awesome blog posts which I truly enjoy reading!

  5. Congratulations, Carl! It’s been so much fun following your journey so far and I’m excited to read more of your travels. And thanks for the shoutout, I always love reading yours too. 🙂 Enjoy Dublin!

    • Hey top effort guys! Yeah I didn’t expect to get there quite so quickly tbh, but it’s a nice little achievement I have to admit ha 🙂

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  8. Happy blogiversary! I’ve only been at it about a month. Hopefully I’ll get to 100 post too someday! You should be proud. Its way more work than people think? Happy travels!

    • Thanks muchly Mags! I’m sure you’ll make it as you long as continue to enjoy it! Yeah as I mentioned in the post though it is definitely a lot more work than you’d think from the outside, but all the nice comments make it worthwhile 🙂

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