That Time I Said “Hi” Before HK

I guess I thought I should stick my head in the door and say “hey” before I’m on my way…

After all it’s been pretty damn dead around here for the last couple of weeks – frickin’ typical when the site was just starting to build up a good head of steam!

Unfortunately it’s been one hectic month all round, and I just haven’t had the time to devote to the site after my extremely busy first week of the month. After all I’ve had to fit family do’s in with my Dublin trip – where the write up is half-written only still, sorry guys – and my girlfriend’s birthday, along with my best friend’s birthday, one crazily busy month at work, Christmas and birthday planning (organised at least!), along with the small matter of finalising my plans for this small trip that I write on the eve on…

So yeah, basically real life is a pain in the backside!

Here's another teaser for you - Dublin Trinity College library

Here’s another teaser for you – Dublin Trinity College library

But hey, I best not complain too much when I’m about to hop on a plane eastwards again and sample the delights of Asia’s World City!

I would say that it’s come around extremely quickly, but to be honest that was always going to be the case – after all, I booked it less than six weeks prior to departure!

Now all that remains is one final day of work to get through before a beautiful ten days of freedom, and what I hope will be the perfect way to round off my 2013 travels.

Bring on the high-rise hijinks!

Bring on the high-rise hijinks!

As mentioned previously I’m light on actual plans that are absolutely nailed down, but I’ve definitely got a good pot of ideas that I’m hoping to work through during my week away in HK (and one day in Macau). I also finally nailed down my accommodation options the other night too – with three hotel nights alongside three hostel nights I’m hoping I’ve struck the right balance, what with my hostel hang-ups that I encountered in Barcelona. Whilst it’s a bit of a risk, I also thought it would be a risk potentially not meeting any fresh faces for an entire week if I shut myself away in private rooms that whole time. No doubt I’ll be reporting back on that front whichever way it goes…

And regardless of which way the cookie crumbles on that matter, I’ll have no excuse for not having plenty to write about once I’m back in chilly but cosy Devon, what with write-ups and photos to share from two trips I’ll definitely have to get my head down and get sharing again with you guys. Heck I’ll also have to be thinking about end of year write-ups too – bring on my Christmas break for some major catch-up time!

Oh and that reminds me – I’ve been working on something a little special to share on here towards the end of the year too! I’ve actually been able to combine my day job with my love of writing about my travels, and then combined this with some surprising facts and figures in a rather presentable package (if I do say so myself). I’m really excited to share this piece, so I just hope I can get it pretty much finished before I go tomorrow so that I’ll only have minimal editing to do once I’m back… Keep an eye out in a few weeks!

But alas the upcoming treats will have to wait a little longer, as the time has come for me to love you and leave you yet again. The countdown is almost over and I’m pretty much packed already, so all that remains is a night of chilling out before it’s time to get up (early) and get going.

Oh and maybe picking up some Hong Kong dollars!

So apologies again for the recent slackness on the posting front guys, and here’s hoping things will be back to normal once I return hopefully stocked with travel snaps and stories! Now though, it’s time for me to get on Hong Kong time…

See you on the other side!

9 responses to “That Time I Said “Hi” Before HK

  1. HK! Wow Carl, you always make me jealous. I think HK will get a visit for me in 2014. I hope you enjoy your trip and can’t wait for that surprise at the end of the year!

    • It was really awesome thanks Aggy 🙂 Have you made it there before? I’m so glad I bit the bullet and decided to go back so soon!

    • I had such an amazing time! Really glad I went back so soon. I’ll have a post up about it soon.

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