Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

For once I had a picture choice jump straight into my mind for a Weekly Photo Challenge…

And it came from the description of this week’s chosen category of “Family”:

“…For others, it is simply those with whom you share a bond of love”

This instantly reminded me of the amazingly cosy cat cafe I visited in Tokyo last year. I expected the cats to be fairly chilled out around humans in these circumstances, but I hadn’t expected to see just how relaxed they had become around each other.

This was encapsulated when these two toms wrapped up warm together on the sofa just along from me – and produced a picture guaranteed to melt my moggy loving girlfriend’s heart!

It seems that the feline residents of the cafe have formed their own little family now, and it’s a very cute one.

And yes, I am a big softie! Haha! Enjoy…

Click here for more on my Tokyo Cat Cafe visit.

Calaugh Cat Cafe - Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

Calaugh Cat Cafe – Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

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    • Thanks bud! That does suck, although I pretty much know how you feel there, as I’m bizarrely allergic to rabbit hair! :S

  6. This is just only one Pic of Black Cat it looks really great pic. I really love this picture. This is really called photography. Hats off for this picture.

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