That Time I Explained My Blogging Break

So I lied…

In fact I lied big time.

After all my positive words after reaching my milestone of one year of travel blogging, which I enjoyed massively, something happened.

I got tired.

The enjoyment went.

And I took a break.

So much for working hard and pushing the site on even further this year!

But why?

This shot is not representative of my recent mindset...

This shot is not representative of my recent mindset…

You may have noticed that it’s been rather silent around these parts since January – picture tumbleweeds and all if you will! Indeed after posting up my 2012/13 infographic I decided I needed the break from the blog to sort out the growing list of other projects I’d set my mind on getting going this year. So I thought a month would sort me perfectly.

But I didn’t reckon against that thing called “life”.

Safe to say that, after a pretty awesome 2013, 2014 has been a massive ball ache so far. To put it lightly.

I’m not really here to use my travel site as a medium to spill my guts on every detail why, and hey it’s not like I’m divorced, destitute and broke either, so I really want to keep my moaning in perspective and to a minimum. But let’s just say that if it could break this year – it has. If it could need replacing – it has. All that studying? Worthless thus far. Oh and as for my first trip of the year? Well if illness could have got in the way of it – it did! But more on that later…

All these metaphorical kicks to the crotch have left me feeling pretty tired out and worn down, with the mundanity of general day to day work alongside adding up to some serious mental fatigue.

And voila – that one month break has turned into three! And the site has suffered for it.

As for those aforementioned projects? Yeah, not exactly got those to where I want to either!

I think this is what we call burnout.

I actually wonder if it all started due to my jam packed 2013, where I made use of literally every day of holiday I had available to me. I’ve been feeling like I needed just a proper flat out rest for a long while now. The other week I finally got it when my body crashed and burned towards the end of my most recent Barcelona visit…

The routine of 9-5 Mon to Fri life has also contributed without a doubt. I’m really appreciative of my job, as it was exactly the kind of role I was happy to find after returning from my 2012 travels, and I’ve learnt a heck of a lot during my time there so far whilst being able to top up the bank balance. Yet as I approach the eighteen month mark I’m realising that, nearly two years on from my breakout travel adventures, I’m once again stuck in my hometown, noticing the same faces going about the same routines as always in the same old places, and it doesn’t sit comfortably with me. Especially when there’s not many of my favourite ones left. Devon is a beautiful part of this country indeed, but a comment that a friend once relayed to me has always stuck:

“A great place to grow up, and a great place to retire. As for the inbetween…”

You mean you can get bored of living near this?! Unfortunately so...

You can get bored of living near this?! Unfortunately so…

So I guess I’m a bit lost. And quite frankly, bored. Considering so much of my free time is spent reading and researching about destinations near and far, I know fully well I need a serious change of scene. Yet I have no clue of where that might be. It doesn’t help when the most obvious locations available don’t particularly appeal to me. Yes, capital city, I mean you…

Although actually pursuing this hobby – travel – would at least be made much easier there than it currently is from this outpost of the country!

All this pondering the way forward has led to my lack of productivity this year. As driven as I am, it’s hard to achieve what you want when you’re unsure as to exactly what you’re working towards. Yet that uncertainty and lack of productivity combined aren’t the best combination for a healthy outlook. Mental fatigue + physical fatigue = crash & burn.

As mentioned above that’s what happened in Barcelona a couple weekends ago weekend, when my body decided to leave me feeling pretty sick and exhausted. The twist? It led me bailing on the second part of my Easter trip – Sweden.



It was the end of the road for that trip!

But that’s the point where I say enough is enough. There’s no way I’m letting myself get run down enough like that to actually spoil a trip ever again!

It’s now the point where I get myself together.

My Easter break has – not through choice initially – turned into the rest period I needed more than I truly realised. Now I’m refreshed and back, and it’s time to get writing again.

It’s time to work out where I’m headed going forward. One way or the other.

I’ve got a lovely lovely lady and some awesome amigos, and I’ve been fortunate to have some truly incredible experiences these last few years. It’s time to remember to enjoy those moments again, rather than putting so much pressure on myself with all my extra projects and things I want to achieve.

My Spanish studies? I’ll keep at them, and they’ll damn well stick again. My new design portfolio? I’ll get it dialled. My redesign of this site? It’ll come in time, and I can’t wait!

It’s time to get my Sweden trip rearranged – ASAP. And look forward to visiting Germany this winter. Alongside whatever other adventures will present themselves.

2014 you’ve sucked big time so far. But no more.

You know what? It was damn good to get that all out… Now bring it on!

How has your 2014 treated you so far? And what are your plans for the rest of the year?


12 responses to “That Time I Explained My Blogging Break

  1. Welcome back! 2014 has been ok for me so far – I always find ‘even’ years are better than odds. Probably something to do with the World Cup!

    • Cheers man! Glad to hear your year has been good so far! The World Cup is definitely always something to look forward to that’s for sure.

  2. Welcome back, Carl..
    Sometimes we just need a break from everything. I’ve been there. 😀
    but, honestly I’ve been missing your post these couple months 😀 😀

  3. I feel you! I haven’t been as productive with my blog as I originally intended to as well. Mainly because my job is so demanding right now, it doesn’t leave much time for anything else. It’s great because it’s a big step forward for my career, but I’m definitely sacrificing other things. I’m making music and was planning to finally record some songs – and I have done almost nothing for it in the past few months. It’s good that you realized you needed a break though. I was in a similar situation last year and I put so much pressure on myself for not being able to do all the things I wanted I had some kind of breakdown. And it was really hard to dig myself out of that hole again. Anyway, looking forward to reading more from you again! 🙂

    • Thanks Nic. Yeah I’ve definitely learnt that overstretching yourself is not the best thing to do. That said I’m not one for lazing doing nothing, so it’s tough to find my happy medium ha… Defo glad to be writing again though, just hope I can get the site back up to where it was! 🙂

  4. Welcome back! Totally understand what you say about it being hard to push on forwards when you’re not sure what you really want. Hopefully things will become clearer as time goes on. My 2013 was a bit crappy so I am hoping that 2014 is going to be better – looks like there should be lots of travel but need to balance that with work and relaxation too, it can be hard to resist taking every opportunity but I don’t want to burn out!

    • Thanks Lucy! Good to hear someone else knows where I’m coming from too. Here’s hoping your 2014 continues to look up 🙂

  5. Sorry to hear that you’ve had that start to 2014. Burning out can be so easily done with our lives being so busy and trying to juggle everything. But glad to hear that you are springing back into it!!
    2014 hasn’t been great for us either BUT we are heading off travelling in under 5 weeks for 4 months so extremely pleased that things are looking up for the rest of the year 🙂

    • That’s awesome guys! Great you have that to look forward to. Will be looking forward to reading about them 🙂

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