Update: I’m Now on Instagram!

Yes, I’m finally up to date with modern technology…

And having joined the iPhone crowd at the start of the year I’ve finally been able to get onto Instagram.

It's my page!

It’s my page!

If you’re following my FB page you’ll already know this of course – I’ve actually been on there for a few months, but hey, I haven’t been on here after all! As such I’ve already posted up a good 60 images or so at this point, so I hope you can have a peek and give us a follow.

Oh yeah, where? Good question! @caz_che or http://www.instagram.com/caz_che – and the Instagram icon is in the right column for your convenience too. I’m ever the thoughtful one.

There’s plenty of fresh photos on there alongside some of the shots you may have already seen on the site – so have a browse and hit me up. I’m keen to see all your travel Insta pics too!

Keep an eye out on the site footer too for all my pics. Cheers all!

4 responses to “Update: I’m Now on Instagram!

    • Indeed you have Miss! I figured I best just spread the word on the site seeing as I’ve been absent for a while 🙂

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