Other blogs to stoke your travel excitement and just generally provide you a damn good read:

Backpacker Banter
Chris details travel tales and tips from all over the world. A fellow Devonian, he’s been on the go since the start of 2012 with no signs of stopping!

Totally Sam’s World
Check out Sam’s bubbly and colourful site as she wanders the world, having set off on her RTW trip in April 2013.

Polish pair Agness and Cez tramp around the world for under $25 a day and show you how you could do the same!

¡Hola Yessica!
Jessica is a twenty something Cali girl who made the move to my favourite city in the world – Barcelona! An excellent read about the city I love and also Spain in general.

Reclaiming my Future
Another Devonian! Toni writes about about travels, tribulations and life in her own inimitable, honest style.

The Cosy Traveller
Emily’s rather tidy blog covers her rapidly growing list of destinations. From Hong Kong to Oslo, New York to Naples and more.

Dream Explore Wander
Aggy dreams, explores and wanders all over the place, and it’s well worth reading about!

Journeys and Travels
Wendell writes about his travels and thoughts whilst featuring amateur and professional photographs from Filipino talents.

Bitten By The Travel Bug
Nicole was bitten by the travel bug early on in life. Now she splits her time between London and Melbourne whilst sharing her adventures, discoveries and luxury experiences!

Southwest Compass
Lane and Juliet blog about travel in their corner of the world, in the heart of America’s Southwest.

Scarlett Wonderland
So it’s not strictly just travel, but it is possibly one of the wittiest and funniest sites you could hope to find on the web. This girl is a funny one! Check it out!

A Spaniard blogging about life in the baltics? That’s a bit different for sure – so why not check it out!